Five Things You Didn’t Know about Lauren Ashley Carter

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Lauren Ashley Carter

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Lauren Ashley Carter

Lauren Ashley Carter is an American actress and producer and has been in a few movies thus far and could be what you would call a starving artist. Her idea is to elevate people who are interested in the arts to keep them from being ‘starving artists’ and educating them in a way that allows each person to support themselves and potentially become success stories in their own right. It’s a great idea and all but the idea that the starving artist will ever fully go away is just a little naive since it’s not so much the lack of education that keeps people from making the kind of money at their craft, it’s the idea that they will gladly give everything in order to realize their dream.

The starving artist bit is usually a product of poor planning though.

5. She’s a horror and scifi fan.

After watching the films she’s been in you can see that she gets into the horror aspect and has no problem throwing herself into a role. Having been a participant in Indie films she knows that obtaining and keeping a role means that actors have to put up with a lot of inconveniences both large and small if they want to be noticed and keep their spot. The world of acting isn’t something that can be taken too lightly.

4. She was in Premium Rush.

This film was for the most part about a bike messenger that ran afoul of a dirty cop and was then chased throughout the city while relying on his trusty cycle in order to keep him safe and well ahead of his pursuer. It shows a lot of what supposedly happens in the life of a bike messenger and what they go through in their average day, though some of it seems extremely embellished. It’s still kind of impressive.

3. She had to turn down a role in a movie since it went too far.

The film was going to be shot in Berlin and would include a sexual scene that seemed kind of suspect. Again, as an Indie actor she knew that sometimes a person has to put up with a lot in order to get the role and make it work. But according her agent this role seemed a little too much for her to be taking on, and there was a true to life sex scene that would have been too unnerving in a location where she knew no one and had no guarantee of safety.

2. She stars in Imitation Girl.

An alien comes to earth and lands in the desert where she is taken in by a family that seeks to help her. Unbeknownst to her or anyone else however this alien has taken the form of a young woman that works as a porn star. When the two meet it becomes kind of interesting.

1. She wanted to be a surgeon when she was very young. 

After watching a man getting his stitches looked at she turned green and had to look away. That kind of put the halt to those aspirations.

She could be someone to watch in the coming years.

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