Five Things You Didn’t Know About Kristy Phillips

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Kristy Phillips

Kristy Phillips is a new face in the acting arena. She has been cast in the role of Apelina for the brand new television series “Will,” Which premieres July 10, 2017. The series is about the life of the young William Shakespeare in a contemporary delivery of sixteenth century London, England. Kristy isn’t someone that you would have heard much about yet, but we feel confident that all of that is about to change.

Here are five things that you didn’t know about Kristy Phillips.

Kristy has not yet received substantial press

The young actress is very fresh out of acting school. Her first short which recently completed was filmed in 2013 with the Title “Fat Boy.” She plays the role of Chloe in the brief sixteen minute family comedy about a Welsh teen named Jacob. He has the goal of losing weight so he can impress to girl that he’s fallen in love with. Chloe (Kristy Phillipps) is that lucky girl. She co-stars with Michael Austin and Rob Murphy in the short that was written by Lucinda Smith and directed by Gabriella Lewis. This is her introductory role in film.

She is British

Phillips was born in the UK and has received her education in England. She has a South Wales accent and is an excellent choice for the role of Apelina in “Will.” The accent comes naturally to her so she will blend in well with the locals.

She has appeared as a stage actress and on radio

Kristy began her stage career in 2016 appearing in the stage production of “Blindsided” at the Richard Burton Theatre Company, in the role of Cathy Heyers. The following year, she appeared in tow more stage productions at the same venue as Chloe in “Hush” and as Yasmin in “Image of an unknown Young Woman.”

In 2016, her lent her voice to the Polly Thomas BBC radio as a female speaker in “News From Nowhere,” and in 2017 in various roles in the Scott Handcock Big Finish Productions radio program “Torchwood.”

She is a master of dialects, music and dance

Getting the accent correct so it is believable is a challenge for some actors, but not for Kristy. She is well-versed in her native Welsh-Southern as well as Welsh-Standard, RP, Manchester, Cardiff, Cockney and American-Standard. To add to her versatility, she is also highly skilled in playing piano, saxophone, and with contemporary dancing and singing.

Kristy has a solid education in acting

The young actress completed her training as an actress at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. She earned her Bachelor’s degree with honors in 2014, with a major in Acting. She is known for her high level of improvizatoin skills and is highly athletic. This makes her an excellent choice for parts that require stage combat, running or other taxing physical activities. While she was at it, she also acquired her license to drive a car.

Final thoughts

Kristy Phillips is a blonde haired blue eyed beauty has not yet had a lot of experience in the acting industry. So far, she is off to a good start. Within just three short years of finishing her formal education she has landed a major role in what could become a hit series for television. We’re sure that we’ll be hearing more about Kristy in the months to come.

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