Binging with Babish: Blue Noodles from Andor

Binging with Babish: Blue Noodles from Andor
Blue Noodles inspired by Andor — Binging With Babish

credit: Binging with Babish

Does anyone remember the days when they would wrinkle their nose up and decide not to eat something when it was a strange color or it couldn’t be discerned what was really in a dish? The color blue has been a part of Star Wars history for a long time now, ever since the blue milk that was seen in A New Hope made an appearance and made some people a little interested in thinking what it tasted like while others were disgusted by the mere sight of it. The franchise has come a long way since then, and it’s fair to say that a lot of people still remember the blue milk. Still, it should have been expected that Babish would end up bringing something to the table from the Star Wars galaxy that was interesting enough to take a look at since the blue noodles from the Andor series are about as important as the blue milk. Still, at the same time, it’s a strange-looking food from a popular franchise that can get the interest of the people and perhaps even inspire others to try it and put their own spin on it. 

It’s great when Babish shows one way and then another to make something. 

This does give a person an option to think of how they might make something in their own style or make it a little better by adding or taking away something that’s not entirely crucial to the dish. It’s fair to state that Babish has managed to inspire a great number of cooks that might have been trying to find a way to spice up their own dishes in an attempt to wow their families or other people. One thing that has to be noted about cooking is that it might need exact measurements and recipes to work at times, but there are ways to make a recipe a little better or alter it just enough to make it a personal dish that’s based on an existing recipe. One could say, however, that blue noodles aren’t a common dish throughout this world, or even in Star Wars. 

The first way to make this dish doesn’t sound quite that appetizing. 

The watery sauce that was spread over the noodles didn’t really sound like something that would be that tasty, even with the knowledge that every person has a different taste for certain dishes. When sauces are a little too thin, it’s likely that they’re lacking flavor, but some sauces out there are meant to be thin, so this could have been the case. But it’s become rather easy to trust Babish on this one, and when he states that something just doesn’t add up the way it should, then one can guess that it might need a bit of a tune-up when it comes to the taste profile. Plus, there’s the idea that this cook does know what he’s talking about since he’s been around long enough, and he’s published a couple of cookbooks with recipes that are proven. Seeing him take on dishes such as this and many others that are based on something from a movie or TV show is fun, though, since it shows that he has a sense of humor and also knows full well that there’s more than one way to follow a recipe. Plus, rice noodles aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially with a thin sauce that should be a little more robust. 

Cassian Andor |

credit: Andor

It’s kind of interesting to wonder how the dishes for the TV shows and the movies are made when it comes to Star Wars.

This channel has shown a wide selection of dishes that come from movies and TV shows, and most of them have been more than a little interesting since some of them are complex and some of them are so amazingly simple. It should be remembered that Babish created the lunches from The Breakfast Club a while back, and he’s taken recipes from Family Guy, the Sopranos, and several other TV shows that people tend to favor. That kind of versatility in his cooking and his baking skills is impressive, and it’s fun to watch since his advice is quite sound when it comes to making one dish or another. 

With the right seasonings, this does look like it would be an interesting dish to make and eat. 

Yeah, it’s blue, and yeah, the noodles look kind of funky when one sees them up close, but at the same time, it would be worth trying since the process doesn’t appear to be much more than it would be for making regular pasta, apart from the coloration of the noodles. One thing that a person can always depend on Babish for is that he’ll come up with another recipe that will be fun to watch and just as much fun to make, minus the clean-up of course. Hey, very few people like that part. 

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