Everything We Know about Yellowstone Prequel Y: 1883 So Far

Everything We Know about Yellowstone Prequel Y: 1883 So Far

Everything We Know about Yellowstone Prequel Y: 1883 So Far

There’s not much to tell about the Yellowstone prequel just yet that people can’t already guess. The Dutton family had to come from somewhere obviously, but one has to wonder just how deeply the old hatreds run and how they were really started. So far it’s been made pretty obvious that John Dutton isn’t about to pack up and leave, which means that the land his family has owned for so long means something to him that money can’t replace. $500 million is a tempting price, one that’s a little too much to pass up, especially when the alternative is nothing, but from what the fans have seen throughout the last three seasons there isn’t anything that’s going to get John off of his land without someone forcibly taking it from him. The downside of this, being left with nothing, isn’t an option that a lot of the family wants to consider, but it’s also a risk that John is willing to take in order to have something to leave behind. So far it does sound as though the prequel is setting up a story that will explain why the land means enough that anyone would take such a risk. So far all we’re being given are a few cryptic words and a feeling that the land was likely taken and defended for over a century in a manner that’s not too different from the manner in which it’s being defended now.

While there are likely a lot of mixed feelings over the ownership of the land in this story there also mixed feelings about launching an announcement for a prequel when a fourth season hasn’t dropped yet, but a lot of fans are still excited to hear about the prequel since an explanation of the Dutton family and how they built up such an impressive reputation is bound to keep people around even if they have their own reservations about a prequel being announced before season 4 even arrives. To be certain, it’s not that big of a deal since it does sound as though season 4 could coming this summer, meaning that it will release well before the prequel can make it. Unfortunately, one thing that’s bugging a lot of fans is that the prequel will be part of a streaming service, Paramount+, which is what CBS All Access will be switching to. This would mean taking on another streaming service in order to watch the prequel, but the good thing is that the service doesn’t cost all that much and for a slightly larger fee can even be purchased with a ‘no commercials’ option.

As an origin story to the Dutton family, it does feel as though this prequel series will be about as controversial as anything that’s taken place on the show to date, especially since a western expansion within the movies and on TV has usually been done in a few ways, with conquest and struggle being among those. Riding west to claim any supposedly untamed land has always been something that was bound to lead to disputes and possible violence since like it or not, many indigenous tribes existed long before the expansion began, and while some ceded territory to those that came west, others would do their best to resist the changes that continued to press them over and over. One hope among many is that such themes will be a part of the prequel series, though one can imagine how fans are going to talk about anything that happens to show the Dutton’s in one light or another. How the family comes to own the land and how they continue to own it is bound to be something that a lot of people will feel the need to comment about in one way or another, though until we get to see what happened and how the Duttons became such a prominent family it’s fair to say that not knowing the entire story will hamper people just a bit, even if they’ll give their opinions freely and without reservation.

One should be able to admit that a show such as this raises quite a few mixed emotions and feelings no matter that it’s fiction and is meant to be taken as such. Plenty of people will continue to say what they will and that’s all well and good since the story is a bit rough around a few of the many edges that it presents, but it’s still entertainment. There’s no reason to doubt that the prequel will be any less since it will be going back to a time when things were even less civilized among those that sought to push westward and those that were attempting to keep their home the way it had been for so long. It’s very easy to imagine that we’re in for yet another dramatic series.

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