10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dragonball Z’s Ginyu Force

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dragonball Z’s Ginyu Force

If you’ve ever watched Dragonball Z then you know that being seriously overpowered is the standard of the show. Even the weakest among the cast would probably snap a regular human in two with a big grin on their face. But the Ginyu Force is just as much to blame for this as anyone since they too were created insanely powerful and able to do things that most other characters could not. In fact it took a concentrated effort by more than one individual to take the Ginyu Force out, and even then it was a rather furious battle. That they were highly-trained fighters is just one reason why they were so tough, while the biggest underlying reason is that those who made the show seem to think that being god-like and possessing the kind of power it takes to shatter planets is simply the best thing that any character could ever aspire to. But hey, the fans love it.

So here’s a few other things about the Ginyu Force.

10. They are Freiza’s most elite soldiers.

Now considering that Freiza is one of the more powerful big bads in the series you can imagine that he’d want only the best at his disposal when it came to warriors. The Ginyu Force were powerful enough to take down just about any opponent that Freiza pointed them at, and the heroes of the show were no exception.

9. Captain Ginyu was close in strength to Freiza.

Ginyu was someone that actually put Vegeta on his heels for a moment, and if you can understand how hard that is then you’d know just why it’s so important. Vegeta is after all one of the most powerful characters in the series and making him cringe even inwardly isn’t an an easy task.

8. They liked to pose.

This has more to do with the desire of the creators and the artists than it does anything else. Manga artists seem to love outlandish poses when it comes to their characters and anyone trying to pose like this in real life would simply get laughed at unless it was part of a performance. Of course given how powerful they are most people wouldn’t laugh for long at the Ginyu Force.

7. They only appear briefly in Dragonball Z.

For as little time as they appeared in the series they certainly managed to get the attention of the fans and even developed a following that outlasted their time on the show. Is it that big of a surprise though? Remember Barb from Stranger Things? She didn’t even get to finish out her episode and she was gone, and now she has a Funko Pop character made in her image.

6. They are all mutants.

They’re all aberrant examples of their race which is why none of their races have ever proven to be supremely dominant throughout the universe. Just imagine entire populations having the same powers these guys do, it’d be constant war zone.

5. Guldo’s death was far more gruesome in the manga.

In the cartoon it’s not entirely possible to go full pedal to the metal and allow the most gruesome deaths to play out, but in the manga there was no problem with Guldo getting his head chopped off and then blown to pieces.

4. They’re named after milk products.

Obviously those that don’t speak or understand Japanese aren’t going to understand this but the names of the Ginyu Force all correspond to dairy products. The Japanese words for milk, cheese, creme, butter, and yogurt were used to name all of the members of the Force.

3. Recoome was a space ballet dancer.

This is part of why he was able to be defeated, because he would never stop posing and didn’t take any of his battles seriously. Recoome was physically imposing and quite powerful but he was more interested in prancing about than getting down to fighting.

2. Guldo was the team’s newest member.

He was also the weakest, which was why Vegeta was able to take him out by himself. Even the least powerful of the Ginyu Force however was able to do something in the fight, though he wasn’t able to prevent himself being defeated rather easily.

1. Ginyu was the last member of the group to die.

Thanks to his ability to switch bodies with others he was able to switch into the form of a frog and thereby avoid Vegeta’s wrath. Unfortunately when he transferred himself into another body Vegeta finally took care of the last loose end, and that was the end of the Ginyu Force.

For such a powerful and imposing force chosen by one such as Freiza the Ginyu Force seems to have been made into one of the biggest jokes in Dragonball Z. They had the opportunity to do a lot of damage, but unfortunately they were a little too comical to be entirely effective.

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