Five Things You Didn’t Know About Joy Villa

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Joy Villa

Joy Villa is a singer and songwriter who is usually known by her stage name, Princess Joy Villa. She was born in Orange, California, on April 25, 1986, and began her career in the entertainment industry in 2001. In addition to her career in the music industry, she has also worked as a producer and an actress. She is best-known for the EP ‘I Make the Static’, which was released in July 2014. However, she sold just 29,000 copies of this in the United States. Here are five more things you might not know about Joy Villa.

1. She Has Mixed Ancestry

Joy Villa of mixed and interesting cultural heritage. Her father was Reverend Joseph Villa was of Argentinian and Italian descent. Her mother, Mildred Angela Pierce Villa, was of Choctaw Native American and African American ancestry.

2. Her Maternal Grandfather was Kenny Hagood

Villa’s maternal grandfather was the American jazz vocalist Kenny ‘Pancho’ Hagood. Her grandfather was born in Detroit on April 2, 1926, and began his singing career at the age of 17. He sang with both the Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra and with Tadd Dameron. Other artists with whom he collaborated included Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, and Guy Lafitte. He was married to Alice Coltrane who was a famous American jazz musician. Villa clearly inherited her vocal talents from her grandfather.

3. She is Known for Her Fashion Sense

Joy Villa has become as well-known for her fashion sense as for her musical talents, especially when it comes to the outfits she has chosen to wear when attending the Grammy Awards. She first drew attention to herself at the 2015 awards event when she wore an orange see-through dress that was made from construction material. The following year, she wore another see-through dress made from spikes of fabric. At the 2017 Grammy Awards, Villa wore a blue dress that was designed by Andre Soriano to promote Donal Trump’s election campaign.

4. She is Married to Thorsten Overgaard

Villa has been married to Thorsten Overgaard since December 2016. Her husband is a Danish writer and photographer who specializes in documentary photography and portrait photography. He was born in Aarhus, Denmark, on March 25, 1965. Villa and Overgaard live together in New York City.

5. She Made a Sexual Assault Allegation Against Corey Lewandowski

In December 2017, Joy Villa filed a sexual assault allegation against Corey Lewandowski who is the former campaign manager for Donal Trump. She claims he slapped her twice on the buttocks while he was drunk. The incident allegedly took place at the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. in November 2017. She had been ushered into a photograph with Lewandowski and claims this is when he slapped her behind twice. Villa addressed the incident publicly just a few days after making the allegations when she was interviewed on ‘Good Morning America’. Villa claims that she did not want to kick up a fuss at first but that the incident had scared her. She said that despite the incident, she was still an avid supporter of Trump and that the incident was no reflection of the President.

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