Five Things You Didn’t Know about Johnathon Schaech

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Johnathon Schaech

Johnathon Schaech is an actor who many people are talking about after recently accepting to play the role of Judas Iscariot in an upcoming television film on ABC called “Judas.” He says that he intends to make the betrayer’s story known and is taken back by the tension it has caused especially among Christians. Jonathon says that people need to forgive him (Iscariot) and understand his story by watching the production. The actor who is a bit of a horror lover and is halfway into making it in Hollywood. Some truths you may have been a secret about Schaech include:

He has made in Appearance in Several Television Shows and Movies

Schaech is no stranger or beginner in the film industry. He has been in over 30 movies and a couple of television shows. Some may remember him for his role on “How to Make an American Quilt” where Jonathon took up the character of Winona Ryder’s love interest. He also played the lead singer in a hit song “That Thing You Do” in 1996 opposite Liv Tyler. Schaech is also the gentleman responsible for writing the screenplay, directing, and producing “Heroes” alongside Djimon Hounsou an Oscar nominee.

He is a College Dropout

During his junior year, Johnathon Schaech dropped out of college. The actor who was born and also raised in Edgewood, MD did this after deciding to pursue drama as a general studies course. In October 2002, he married Christina Applegate who is an actress, and they were together for about seven years before splitting up. The couple has a daughter.

Jonathon Schaech Believed that He would make it in Hollywood Someday

Johnathon had a dream of acting since he was a small boy. He claims that he had always been a storyteller and that his gut told him to travel to L.A to see what was in store. He landed a modeling contract with Wilhemina agency, but this did not deter him from his life-long dream. Schaech continued to take acting classes working on his craft every single day. He preferred to ignore the social scene in favor of vocal coaching, plays, and acting classes. He got rewarded for all the hard work he put landing an agent as well as a part in “ Storia di Una Capinera Franco Zefferelli’s Italian-made film. It was among the coincidences that saw him get his role as Judas.

He “Dated” Ellen DeGeneres in the 90’s

Before Ellen came out publicly as gay, she used to go on several dates with Schaech. They were seen out together a couple of times, and some people even believed that they were in a relationship. Johnathon, however, states that he went out with DeGeneres because his manager requested him to. Ellen was scared that not many people would watch her show if they found out that she was into girls thus; he did it as a favor.

Split with his Wife took a Toll on Him

Breaking up with his wife of many years was something that took a toll on Johnathon Schaech. He went into a dark place focusing on alcohol, drugs, and sex. He says at the time he thought that God had abandoned him. It was not too easy in that he was raised Catholic and his parents were still together after being married for more than 50 years. He may, however, already gotten over it and found a new wife Julie who he affirms loves him as much as he does her.

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