Five Things You Didn’t Know About Greg Sestero

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Greg Sestero

With the recent award season that has come upon us, we are being reminded more and more of the disastrous success that was the 2003 cult film entitled ‘The Room’, which was written and brought to us by Tommy Wiseau. The film has gained so much talk throughout the years, and has gained strange amounts of success for some of the actors that took part in the project, including that of Greg Sestero. Since his work in the film, Sestero has had a good deal of projects that have helped to form the career that he has today; However, not many people know much about the actor himself. We are here to reveal to you five things that you might not know about Greg Sestero and his life during the last recent years. So, let’s get started with our article.

He Loves To Write

Greg Sestero is one of those actors who is really a hidden jack of all trades, which includes his amazing talent of writing. Even at a young age, he exhibited these talents, writing a screenplay for a sequel to the classic 90s film ‘Home Alone’ which starred him as the main character. He even had the confidence to send the screenplay to Hughes Productions at the time, who sent him back a commendatory letter from John Hughes himself. He has also written books, which we will talk about later in this article.

Modeling Career

Before he began working toward his acting career, Greg Sestero also worked as a model, travelling all over the world to do so. He took up modeling gigs that sent him to places like Milan and Paris, and allowed him to work with well renowned designers like that of Armani and Gianfranco Ferre.

Acting Projects

Obviously, one of Sestero’s biggest roles to date has been his role in ‘The Room’, back in 2003. However, Sestero has also had many other minor roles in well known films, including ‘Patch Adams’ and ‘Retro Puppet Master’. He has also had some appearances on soap operas and other television series throughout recent years. One of his last film appearances came in 2017 when he made a cameo on ‘The Disaster Artist’, which tells the story of the creation of ‘The Room’ and is based off of Sestero’s book of the same name.

Education And Making His Way Into Hollywood

Although he began modeling and traveling when he was just a junior in high school, he eventually decided to come back to the States and work toward his first love of acting. Upon his return, he enrolled himself into the American Conservatory Theater that is located in San Francisco. After some time of doing this, he was eventually signed by his Iris Burton, and moved to Los Angeles to begin his career.

“The Disaster Artist” Book

In the summer of June 2011, Sestero signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster. His book depeicted his take on the creation and his time working on the ‘The Room’ eight years prior. The book, which was, of course, entitled ‘The Disaster Artist’, was finally published and released in the fall of 2013, and led to the inspiration of the now award winning film of the same title, that was directed by James Franco.

Obviously, Greg Sestero has led a life that many dream of, having some of his works become a well known and ever successful reality. This has been our list of five things you more than likely didn’t know about Greg Sestero, and we hope it has inspired you to see what ‘The Room’ is really all about.

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