Five Things You Didn’t Know About Fit to Fat to Fit

There are millions of people around the country who struggle to lose weight each day. While there are countless diets and exercise programs available for free and for a cost, many overweight people just don’t believe the trainers really understand the struggle they face each day. After all, most of these exercise gods and goddesses have never been overweight. In an effort to better understand the struggle overweight people face, “Fit to Fat to Fit” was created. Learn more about the show and what it has to offer here.

The Reason the Show was Created

The show, “Fit to Fat to Fit” follows athletic trainers who have voluntarily made the decision to gain large amounts of weight over a period of several months. Once they have gained this weight, they worked to lose the weight at the side of someone they were training who was struggling with weight issues. The purpose behind this show was to let trainers really see what it is physically, mentally and emotionally like to have to face the process of losing a large amount of weight.

The “Fat” Part is Medically Supervised

The show doesn’t want people who are otherwise in good shape to try this experiment too. While the trainers do follow unhealthy diets and avoid exercising, everything they do is medically monitored. This is to ensure they don’t put too much undue stress on their bodies and to make sure that they aren’t in any serious danger of a health problem.

Drew Manning is the One with the Original Idea for the Show

Even though the show “Fit to Fat to Fit” was not released for television until 2016, the professional fitness trainer, Drew Manning, created the idea all the way back in 2012. At this time, he saw the disconnect in between him and his clients who were not in shape. This is when he purposefully gained approximately 75 pounds to better understand the struggle they faced to lose it. This was all done long before the concept of a television show was even considered.

Everything is Documented During the Struggle to Gain and then Lose Weight

While the elite trainers are trying to gain weight, they will document every step of the process. This includes the physical changes they face, as well as their energy levels, mental stability and even personal relationships. After a period of four months of gaining the weight, the trainer will then rejoin their client to begin the transformation back from fat to fit.

Each of the Shows Ends with a Final Check-in

Every episode will end with the final check-in, which reveals if the trainer and their client were able to reach the fitness goals they had set. This is both an inspiring and emotional journey for everyone involved.

For many people, this is a must-watch show. After all, it is the first time you get to see trainers struggle to lose the pounds they have packed on.

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