Five Things You Didn’t Know about Delaney Jane

Delaney Jane is a singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada who has been getting some attention in recent times. So far, her name hasn’t entered the heights, but considering that her work has already been getting nominated for various awards and accolades, it seems clear that she is on her way up. Here are five things that you may or may not have known about Delaney Jones:

Her First Name Has Interesting Origins

Delaney is a rather interesting name in that it can have two separate sources. First, it might have come from Norman French meaning something along the lines of “from the alder grove.” Second, it might have come from an Anglicization of an Irish surname meaning “descendant of Dubhshláine,” with Dubhshláine meaning something along the lines of either “dark challenge” or “dark River Sláine.” Of course, Delaney has long stopped being just a surname, thus its use as a personal name for a lot of people out there.

Went to a Private School For Performing Arts

Delaney Jane went to a private school for the performing arts. There, she became good friends with Shaun Frank, who is a DJ as well as a producer. Even now, the two get along very well together, which makes sense because both of them have shared the experience of growing as figures in the music industry in addition to their friendship.

Solo Performance Confirmed Her Desire to Be a Singer-Songwriter

She has stated that believing that she could actually become a singer-songwriter was the biggest challenge that she has had to overcome so far in the course of her career. However, what is most interesting is that she said that this happened because she found it impossible to see herself pursuing some other course. Fortunately for Delaney Jane, it turned out that her family was very supportive towards her in regards to her ambitions, which was a great help.

Loose Lips Sink Ships

With that said, it is clear that Delaney Jane’s experiences in the music industry has not been smooth and uncomplicated the entire way. For example, she has said that “loose lips sink ships” is one of the lessons that she has learned as a result of her time as a singer-songwriter. Supposedly, what happened was that she was too honest about something at one point in time, which created additional difficulties for her because the small size of the music industry meant that what she said spread to other figures throughout it with remarkable speed. Since that time, Delaney Jane has learned to be more careful in that regard.

Believes in Treating Other People with Respect

With that said, Delaney Jane still believes in treating other people with respect. Certainly, there is a case to be made for doing so because one never knows when treating other people poorly could have bad consequences for oneself. However, that isn’t her main consideration. Instead, she says that everyone is struggling with their own challenges, meaning that treating other people with respect is just a good way to make the world a better place even if respect wasn’t accorded by them in the first place.

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