Five Things You Didn’t Know about Andy Signore

The next time you watch an “Honest Trailer” try not to think about the fact that the creator has been accused of sexual misconduct with several women and has been put on suspension by Defy Media, the owner of Screenjunkies, the site where the show is made.  Thus far Signore has been a very popular man around  the media since Honest Trailers have been a big hit with people and his other various sites have gained him just as much attention. While it’s not known as of yet just how true the misconduct charges are, he hasn’t been available for comment at this time. Sexual misconduct is kind of a blanket term that covers most instances in which a person is coerced, forced, or otherwise intimidated into sexual relations. Unfortunately for Signore, this is a pretty big problem.

Let’s try focusing on just who the guy is before he’s ousted:

5. He once appeared as a pizza boy in a softcore Playboy film.

That might not be the most glowing recommendation for his character but unless he was accused back then of being grabby or handsy then it was a blip in his otherwise successful career. No doubt he saw it as a highlight of his life for at least a little while until he moved on to bigger and better things. Come on, what guy wouldn’t think of this as a great gig?

4. Film makers actually try to proof their films against the Honest Trailers treatment now.

The Honest Trailers treatment has become something that some directors and film makers find amusing and don’t mind but have actually started to try to avoid. Honest Trailer’s aren’t so much a bad thing but they do tend to nitpick and point out the erroneous details and plot holes that seem to plague so many Hollywood films.

3. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Columbia College Hollywood.

He is an educated man but that means so little in the world right now that his other accomplishments tend to round out his biography a little more since they prove that he is also a thinking man that can put his ideas to good use and make them work for him. There’s no doubt he’s intelligent but unless you can put it to work that education is simply a lot of money put towards something with an uncertain future.

2. He’s the creator of Honest Trailers.

Defy Media owns Honest Trailers but it was Signore’s design and idea. It’s one of the sites that’s made him a very popular and well known man in the business and is brutally honest about the films that are portrayed. In some it almost seems as though he’s trying to tear the films down but in others it really makes you think twice about your favorite film.

1. He starred in his own slasher film right out of college.

It was about a psychotic janitor that went around murdering people and it did help him to get a start in his eventual career as a writer.


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