Five Things you Didn’t Know about Althea Eaton

Five Things you Didn’t Know about Althea Eaton

Althea Eaton is one half of a famous couple from the Love & Hip Hop franchise, with the other half being Benzino, who is a media executive as well as a record producer. Recently, Eaton was arrested for hitting Benzino in front of the police but she has since been released on bail.

Here are five things that you may or may not have known about Althea Eaton:

Her Personal Name Has Greek Roots

Althea is the English version of the Greek Althaia, which meant either a healer or some kind of mallow plant. Furthermore, Althaia was the name of a semi-famous figure from Greek mythology who came to a tragic end. In short, she heard a prophecy that her son Meleager would live so long as a particular brand burning in her hearth remained unconsumed. As a result, she took the brand from the fire before burying it in the Earth for the sake of keeping her son safe. Tragically, when Meleager killed two of his uncles in an argument that had started when he handed the skin of the Calydonian Boar to the huntress Atalanta who had drawn first blood, Althaia burned the brand before committing suicide.

Her Family Name Has English Roots

As for Eaton, it is a name with English roots. To be exact, it is a name with Old English roots, coming from a combination of either “ea” or “eg” with “tun.” “Ea” meant “river” and “eg” meant either “island” or a “low-lying place.” Meanwhile, “tun” meant a settlement, which is why Eaton showed up so much in such a wide range of locations. In time, people who lived in these places used it as a family name before passing it on to future generations.

Appeared on Love & Hip Hop

Most people will be familiar with Eaton because of Love & Hip Hop, which is a collection of unscripted series that can be found on VH1. Like its name suggests, Love & Hip Hop is focused on both the personal and the professional lives of various people involved with either hip hop or R&B in various ways. In the case of Eaton and Benzino, they appeared in the Atlanta edition of Love & Hip Hop, which was one of a number of spin-offs created when the initial series set in New York City proved to be successful.

Her Relationship Has Been Troubled for Some Time

There is reason to believe that Eaton’s relationship with Benzino has been troubled for some time. After all, there was a previous incident between the two out in public, which saw Benzino begging her for a second chance after he had been caught cheating on her. As it turned out, Eaton proved open to the idea, provided that Benzino was willing to prove his sincerity by buying her a new ring.

Was Arrested in the San Fernando Valley

Recently, Eaton was arrested at her home in the San Fernando Valley. What happened was that the LA police had been called in to mediate a dispute at her home, where Eaton wanted Benzino to leave and Benzino refused. Supposedly, Eaton hit Benzino on the head in front of the LA police, which resulted in her being arrested for battery. Since then, she has been released on bail set at $20,000.

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