Five Things You Didn’t Know about Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario might not be in line to be called the best actress of the decade or even the year but she’s still talented enough to be where she’s at and capture the attention that adoring fans want to give. Quite honestly it’s not enough to say that she’s a lovely woman, she is in fact, but she’s also got a quality that’s hard to pin down without sounding too corny or hokey. The best it can be said is that she’s somehow enchanting without needing to be sappy about it. Almost like a dark allure without the connotations that normally come with such a description.

It’s confusing I know, but those eyes just make her look like both saint and seductress all at once. She looks like a strong-willed person, that ought to do it.

5. She started acting in 2002.

While she might not have landed any big roles until later on she at least got her start around this time and began to walk down the path towards stardom. She started out on a soap opera in fact where you don’t hear about a lot of people in her position starting out anymore, but it’s a different path and not a bad one at all. Anything that gets a person in front of the camera where they want to be is a chance.

4. She’s a fan of fantasy films.

It’s always nice when an actor opens up and tells people just what they like and manage to sound like normal people. It’s a broad genre but there’s a lot of different things she could be into as far as fantasy goes. Given the movies she’s been in it might seem like she wouldn’t strike you as a D&D type person but things happen and there’ve been surprises on that front more than once with certain actors.

3. She played a major role in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

Her part in this film couldn’t have been any more perfect since she got to play tough and to the point without needing to be absolutely vicious. Her character definitely came across as being a bit confrontational, okay a lot, but it was necessary for the character and for the story and it worked perfectly. She seems to do the tough attitude fairly easily.

2. She’s had a couple of voice roles in video games.

One of those was in an Avengers-based game where she played the part of Janet Van Dyne, aka The Wasp. Given that The Wasp has been voiced by a few different women over the years it seems like hers might have been used to present a tougher character than is usually seen in the comics, someone that might have given rise to the thought of the hard as nails figure that is being featured in the movies.

1. Her eyes are simply stunning, and she doesn’t wear contacts.

Go on and admit it, her eyes are just hard to look away from. A lot of women might have to force guys to look at them in the eyes, but with Alexandra it’s just hypnotic in a way. They’re so blue that you can’t help but look. After all looking a person in the eye isn’t a bad thing most times.

Anyone could get lost in those eyes.

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