Five Things You Didn’t Know About Adam Hicks

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Adam Hicks

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Adam Hicks

Former Disney Channel star Adam Hicks was arrested on Wednesday, January 24 in Burbank, California. He and his girlfriend are being held on $350,000 bond and are due in Court Friday, January 26. The couple were arrested after a series of armed robberies. No one was injured. What could have happened to make the actor, musician, singer and songwriter to turn to a life of crime? Here are five things you didn’t know about Adam Hicks.


On Wednesday, January 24 Adam Hicks and his girlfriend, Danni Tamburo , were arrested for a series of armed robberies that occurred in Burbank, California earlier this week. The couple were arrested by a SWAT team at their San Fernando Valley home. The couple allegedly committed a series of four armed robberies in Burbank, California. During the robberies, a man approached the victims while they were taking walks, aimed a gun at their face and demanded wallets, money, cell phones and other valuables while a woman waited in a dark colored Kia. The last of the series of robberies occurred at 5:15 am Wednesday morning. The 52 year old victim fled in fear after releasing his wallet to the robber. The couple will appear in Court Friday, January 26.

Prior Arrests

Adam Hicks’ latest arrest follows a series of incidents that occurred over the past year. Last July, Hicks was arrested for firing a gun. This past September, the Disney actor was arrested for battery. Both of the 2017 arrests occurred in Los Angeles, California. Both cases were dropped due to insufficient evidence. However, clearly, the former Disney star has been going down a dangerous path.

Who is Adam Hicks

Adam Paul Hicks was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 28, 1992. His parents are Ron and Lucy, and he has a brother, Tristan. Adam Hicks was drawn to acting and music at a young age. He played the drums and began writing music, rapping and dancing which led him to his acting career with Disney. Adam also likes skateboarding. He has been in a relationship with aspiring actress Danni Tamburo since 2016. The couple live in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles with their menagerie of cats and dogs.

Hicks’ Disney Career

Hicks has had a promising career so far and a promising future which leaves us to wonder how he has gone down a self destructive path. Maybe he this arrest will help Adam Hicks turn his life back around. Hicks got his acting break as the lead in the 2006 movie based on the classic young adult novel “How to Eat Fried Worms”. Disney saw the potential in the up and coming “Ginger” actor with a huge personality and hired him to star in “Mostly Ghostly”. In 2009, Hicks costarred in the Disney series “Zeke and Luther”. It was then that his music career also took off. He and costar, Daniel Curtis Lee, recorded a remake of MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” for Disney. Hicks continued his acting career with Disney appearing in 2011’s “Lemonade Mouth“, “Jonas”, “Pair of Kings” and “Titus”. He also played the role of Jason Zimmer in the erotic thriller “The Boy Next Door”. His role as Wendall “Wen” Gifferd in Disney’s “Lemonade Mouth” is classic.

Hicks’ promising future

If Adam Hicks can rebound from his recent armed robbery arrest, he could have a promising future. He is signed as an artist with Walt Disney Records. Aside from his acting career, the 25 year old has been building his music career. He recorded and performed several hits for Disney over the past decade including a remix of Mungo Jerry’s “In the Summertime”, “Happy Universal Holiday”, “Dance For Life”, “Detrimate”, and “Breakthrough”. Hopefully Adam Hicks and his girlfriend Danni Tamburo will straighten out their troubles and get back on track.

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