Five Terrible Movies Involving The Cast Of Don’t Look Up

Five Terrible Movies Involving The Cast Of Don’t Look Up

One of the biggest movies of the season is Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up, which sees the return of Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, along with a top-notch supporting cast such as Jonah Hill, Timothee Chalamet, Cate Blanchett, and Meryl Streep. Despite the big A-list names, none of these actors and strangers to being a part of a bad film. This article will list the five terrible movies that involve the cast of Don’t Look Up. The only movies exempt from this list is animated features.

Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween

So, the first Boo film was bad. Part of it was due to the marketing, in which it appeared that the movie was some gonzo crazy parody that sees the likes of Madea clashing against Michael Myers, or other iconic horror characters. That premise is widely absurd, but there’s so much potential for over-the-top craziness and fun that it’s the film that the Madea Halloween should’ve been. Instead, it’s about Brian’s bratty daughter sneaking out to a party, getting in trouble with the cops, and the fraternity getting revenge on Madea, Joe, and the gang with unfunny Halloween pranks. Part II is essentially the same thing as the first movie, but somehow even more boring. This time, there’s more focus on the fraternity and it exposes just how bad of an actor most of these guys are. Boo 2 is simply a waste of time that squanders a potentially fun premise.

Strange Wilderness

Before Jonah Hill became an Oscar-caliber type of actor, the funny man’s star power started at Superbad and continued in dreadful schlock like Strange Wilderness. The film focuses on Peter Gauke, who’s being threatened with cancellation for his wildlife TV show, so him and a rag tag band of idiots come up with a plan to search for the mythical being known as bigfoot. The premise of Strange Wilderness is incredibly silly and unbelievable; however, that’s not the issue here. The script is peppered with rote, bland, low-brow humor that rarely results in even a chuckle. Hill, Steve Zahn, and Justin Long try their best in this stoner comedy, but all this film does is make you want to put the crack pipe down.

The Whole Ten Yards

The first film was a solid affair that was boosted by a talented cast anchoring the vehicle; however, The Whole Ten Yards is the definition of an unnecessary sequel that effectively kills the franchise dead. After faking his death, former mercenary Jimmy Tudeski retires to Mexico with his wife; however, Jimmy’s perfect life is turned upside down when Gogolak, a member of the Hungarian Mafia, seeks revenge on his former associate. On paper, the premise for The Whole Ten Yards sounds perfect for a dark comedy. In fact, had The Coen Brothers or Quentin Tarantino written and directed this film then it would’ve likely turned out to be a classic. Instead, it’s a bland exercise of unfunny and predictable jokes. The black humor doesn’t translate because the PG-13 rating holds it back from reaching its true potential. Characters often come across as cartoons, and though the roster is stacked with a talented cast, it’s clear that most of them are just here for a paycheck.

House at the End of the Street

Back when Jennifer Lawrence’s popularity was growing as an actor, she happened to star in one of the worst movies in her filmography. House at the End of the Street sees Sarah and Elisa move in a nice house in a small town. There, Elissa meets Ryan, the sole survivor of a family that disappeared. She falls in love with the mysterious boy; however, the danger in Elissa’s life grows the longer she dates him. House at the End of the Street has a solid premise that could’ve been explored greatly in better hands, but the movie fails at garnering suspense and scares, despite a really good twist that sets the climax in an interesting direction.

10 Minutes Gone

The actor who helped reinvent the wheel for action movies and starred in classics such as Pulp Fiction, Moonrise Kingdom, and The Sixth Sense has become notable for his questionable straight to VOD movie choices. However, Bruce Willis isn’t the only creditable actor here as Michael Chiklis joins the “fun” in this crime thriller about a man losing his memory after a bank heist goes terribly awry. Willis looks absolutely dead during this movie, and is clearly going through the motions of this low budget film that you’ve seen a thousand times before. It doesn’t help that these characters are incredibly bland, with the criminals being laced with the most generic stereotype that isn’t given any sort of depth. Also, the action is a boring slog to watch. Granted, this is a low-budget feature, so top notch action scenes were not expected here; however, there’s a way to make action scenes inventive and diverse without blowing the bank and 10 Minutes Gone seems to settle with being lazy. 10 Minutes Gone is the very example of why audiences generally tend to dismiss straight-to-VOD films as cheap, passable, crap.Leonardo DiCaprio

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