Five Suggestions for an Improved LEGO Masters Season 2

Lego Masters

People didn’t mind Lego Masters so much since there is a second season coming, but it does feel as though a few suggestions might need to be taken into account if only because there are a couple of ideas that turned into issues during the first season. This is bound to happen with any show since the bugs have to be worked out, any kinks have to be ironed out, and for a show that deals with something as tedious as fashioning anything out of Legos, there are going to be sticking points that people want to see fixed before the next season. In this case though, a lot of what needs to worked on sounds like an easy fix if people are willing to address the problems, but that’s the trick, getting anyone to admit that such problems exist. To some folks, this show is probably as perfect as it’s going to get since it’s still a good deal of fun and it’s likely that there are enough dissenting voices that believe it’s just fine the way it is. But hopefully, by the time season 2 is over and done with the changes will have been made or people will finally admit that it might be time to switch things up.

Here are a few things that people would like to see change for season 2.

5. People want a more dynamic judging system.

The judging system of any show could probably use a change now and then since keeping the experts front and center is all well and good since they’ve been there, they’ve done it, and they tend to know how to make sound judgments that can help others see the flaws in their design. But changing this up and bringing in different judges per show is also a good idea since just pulling from experts isn’t always the best way to go. Pulling people that know what they like and that have an eye for design and for different aspects of the overall work would be valuable since different perspectives can help people to learn and grow in an important way.

4. The elimination process needs to be changed.

For this show, it does feel as though the elimination process could be altered and the overall integrity of the show wouldn’t really be challenged since just getting rid of people for one arbitrary reason or another, particularly when it comes to building anything Legos, feels kind of awkward. But changing up the process would need to be done with some care since those that are working diligently on their projects should be given some consideration so long as they’re still working hard, while those that putter along and give a lackluster performance but get kept are kind of irritating to see when they’re doing as little as possible to make the show interesting.

3. Less drama and more creative moments would help.

This is something that most shows such as this aren’t bound to get away from since drama is what sells a lot of things after all, but there are times when it would be a lot better to just focus on the whole idea of the creative process instead of the moments when things go wrong. Plus, fabricated drama in these types of shows is a little too obvious and it takes away from the overall fun and creativity that is needed to keep this contest running. If there’s real drama happening then so be it, but don’t focus on it and instead take time to really get into the creativity of the contest.

2. The special guests kind of take away from the process.

Special guests are great, to be honest since it’s kind of a treat for the builders and for the audience. But bringing them out after everything has been built and done is a much better idea than trying to bring them out to watch the process. Having them in the back and giving them a tablet or something to watch the progress on would be acceptable, but keep them away from the builders since not only does their presence distract the builders, it puts a bit more pressure on some of them that really isn’t needed. Plus, they are kind of a big distraction.

1. The voting from home needs to go away.

This has been a bad idea for years since it can skew voting for contestants in such a way that it becomes less likely that those who actually deserve to win will do so. It’s nothing to whine about, but turning these contests into a popularity contest is a bad idea since it reinforces the idea that the more popular candidate, who might also be the laziest, is going to win the popular vote and thereby win overall.

Hopefully, a few suggestions that people offer will be taken.

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