Five Reasons You Should Be Watching “Lovesick”

Originally, the hit Britcom “Lovesick” was called “Scrotal Recall.” While this title surely intrigued a number of watchers, it likely turned a few away, as well. However, regardless of the title, the show, which follows the many character Dylan, who, during his quest to find “true love” contracted something of the infectious variety — Chlamydia. Throughout the show, Dylan, along with his good friends Luke and Evie, have to relive all his past intimate encounters to let them know about the “problem.” Now, season three is set to be released on New Year’s Day in 2017, and there are a few reasons why you should begin binge watching the first two seasons, now.

“Lovesick” is the British Version of “How I Met Your Mother”

According to those who absolutely love the show, the simple description of “Lovesick” is that it is the British Version of “How I Met Your Mother.” This hit show originally aired in 2005 and followed Ted Mosby, the main character, along with his group of NYC based friends. It was one of the most popular shows on CBS until it was cancelled in 2014, but a nine year run isn’t bad. Many are thinking that “Lovesick” is going to have the same type of “staying” power, due to its funny and raunchy plot that is seen week after week.

The Unconventional Plot

Dylan, who is a hopeless romantic, is the star of the show. During his journey, you get to meet all of his exes that he may have passed on the STD. In the third season, he is faced with even more unconventional situations, when a past romantic partner seems to peak is interest again. Of course, this is just what the trailer wants you to see, so there is no way to tell what will really happen. Also, the show is constantly flipping through the past and present of Dylan’s life and the episodes are each named after another former love interest he had.

The Dylan and Evie Dynamic

In the first season, it was revealed that Evie was secretly in love with Dylan. During season two, this unrequited love came out, when viewers discovered Dylan felt the same way about her. While they have slept together, many fans are still on the edge of their seat wondering what is going to happen next between these two friends/lovers.

The Writing and Acting Seen in the Show

The writer of “Lovesick” Tom Edge, was able to uniquely capture all the pains and joys associated with trying to date in your 20s, along with the thrill of a brand-new relationship, the pain of unrequited love and more. This phenomenal writing is sure to continue on in the new season and something that all fans are looking forward to.

Another Score for Netflix

The fact is, “Lovesick” is just another successful hit for Netflix and one that is likely going to continue on for a number of seasons. If you haven’t started watching yet, now is the time to tune in to see what this Britcom is all about.

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