Five Reasons There Should be a Poison Ivy Standalone Movie

Poison Ivy is a kind of tortured character that never gets fully developed in the films or the TV shows that have depicted her. For the most part she’s considered a splendid villain that is hard to capture and even harder to defeat. But of course since she’s a Batman villain she has her flaws, which the dark knight is able to capitalize on. But think if she got her own movie, a standalone film that would allow her to spread out a bit more and really cut loose with her abilities. I don’t think there would be a lot of people that could stand in her way, especially if her powers were fully realized.

Think of a person that could control and command the plant life in any given area. Would anyone be truly safe?

5. She has greater potential than has been shown thus far.

Given that DC loves to ramp the powers of their heroes and villains up to extraordinary levels Poison Ivy has not been allowed to really cut loose onscreen. Uma Thurman’s depiction was a bit crazy really and her hybrids were more of a joke. But think of a CGI-driven set full of effects that Ivy could use to her advantage. It would be something truly wonderful and enchanting to behold.

4. She’s been seen as an antihero in other versions.

While Ivy has been the villain in the comics as well as movies and TV, she hasn’t always been that way. There were moments when she was still doing the wrong things but for the right reasons. She’s no goody two-shoes like a lot of heroes but she’s not nearly as bad as some of the villains that just want straight up anarchy. There is a heart that beats in that chest and she does know how to use it.

3. If fully developed she could be a very heavy hitter.

This is a woman that could have taken out Batman fairly easily if she’d wanted to considering her powers of persuasion and other abilities. But like all villains she has a failing that she tends to underestimate people. Unlike other villains though she just wants to be left alone more often. But if she was allowed to cut loose then anyplace with any forested regions or anything she could use would become ground zero for some serious mayhem.

2. She’d be a very hard person to stop.

It’s not just the damage she could cause, it’s the fact that she’s not a fully balanced person. After being poisoned by a man she trusted, in the comics, and betrayed in other versions she’s not entirely stable and thus not always in full control of herself. She can be exceedingly charming and sweet but she can also be undeniably cruel and even evil. If she flipped that coin and went dark there wouldn’t be a lot that could stop her rampage.

1. The character deserves some redemption. 

After being portrayed in a movie like Batman and Robin and given such a poor rendering she deserves to have a standalone movie that shows just how awesome she can be.

This needs to happen.

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