Five Reasons You Should Be Following Black Ink Crew on Twitter

Five Reasons You Should Be Following Black Ink Crew on Twitter

There’s no reality TV if there were no drama, and you’ll certainly get your fill with VH1’s Black Ink Crew–and much more. It’s been years since “tattoo television” first became popular, but things are so different nowadays. Black Ink Crew is in its 6th season now, and it’s still growing strong as ever. The show doesn’t only document the lives of these artists; it also documents their art in a unique way–via Twitter. If you haven’t in a while or haven’t yet at all, here are five reasons why you should be following Black Ink Crew and their many tweets on Twitter.

The Tattoos

Tattoo artistry is one of the most emotion-provoking forms of art out there. All tattoos are emotion on skin, after all. The talent in Black Ink is undeniable. Their Twitter account features some of their best tattoo works. The quality, the thought, the skill–they’re all there for each one of Black Ink’s tattoo art. You can see most of them on Twitter.

The Heart of Harlem

Black Ink is the tattooed heart of Harlem. There’s no other show on television right now that highlights this beautiful part of New York. The culture of Harlem is palpable in the show and of course, in their Twitter account as well. Following their Twitter feed is like sitting on the side streets watching the city go by. It’s pretty fascinating and funny majority of the time.

Diverse Crew

The shop crew is as diverse as it could be–in ethnicities, in personalities, in backgrounds. It’s probably one of the best parts of the show. Everyone in Black Ink has a real and relatable story, and that’s something that you can pick up from their feed. You have the receptionist that was born and raised in Harlem and the Midwesterner that packed her bags for the big city. Then you have the South Korean who wants to move past her troubled life and a father of three who is passionate about photography. Like we said, they’re all so different from each other, and most of their posts show us what the crew is like outside of the show.

The Leader of the Band

Perhaps there’s no one person that’s most important in the Black Ink show, and that’s founder Ceaser. He’s the reason for the shop, the reason for the show. He’s also a reason why you should follow them on Twitter. You can see some of his works on the feed, and Ceaser is easily one of the most motivating characters on today’s reality TV. We may not see him on the feed all the time, but it’s a nice touch when we do.

Deleted Scenes

That’s right. The Black Ink Twitter feed is sometimes home to some of the show’s deleted scenes. What better way to see more of the cast than by seeing the things they don’t show on TV?

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