30-pound Hulk Hand Can Smash Just About Anything

This 30-pound Hulk hand is amazing to look at and can smash just about anything. It took about five pound worth of wire and a lot of time spent welding to put together but the end result was that it was quite solid and more than capable of smashing through anything that’s less than completely solid. Or course as the guys learned it’s not just the size of the fist that counts, but the force behind it that helps to pulverize anything that’s in the way when it descends. Just smashing it down on things won’t work unless the object in question is weaker than the material used for the fist.

Even a cinder block didn’t just crumble until some added momentum was created. Once they get that added force by swinging their arm up and over they can smash just about anything. The metal pots and the bake tray aren’t too much of a surprise since they’re sturdy pieces and won’t crumple easily. But a bike helmet, a vase, and most anything glass will exploded under the force of this thing. But with the bowling ball there wasn’t much hope really since the construction of a bowling ball is just too solid and too compact for even a Hulk hand to go through. Now if you were the actual Hulk it wouldn’t be too tough, but then again the real Hulk can generate tons of force per square inch that allows him to flat out pulverize anything he slams his fists into.

The idea is a good one since it’s impressive to watch things smashing in slow motion and for a lot of guys it’s a lot of fun to just smash things for the heck of it. The construction of the fist is solid enough, but it’s the force behind it that is the deciding factor since honestly and truly no person on earth is strong enough to drive that metal fist straight through anything that’s got some substantial mass to it. When given enough velocity however this fist could prove to be very dangerous and quite lethal. It’s not something you’d want to try tapping someone in the chest with just to see if it hurt. The likelihood of an accident with this kind of thing would be immense, so don’t expect these things to ever be mass-marketed. The foam Hulk hands have been known to be used in a harmful way among siblings and friends as it is, so a metal Hulk hand would be disastrous.

All that aside it is kind of an interesting project but it’s not the final result. The guys decided to goof around with the Hulk hand on their way towards making the metal prosthetic for the Overwatch character, Doomfist. It almost seems as though they should have made it a little bigger however, perhaps used lighter weight metal and then increased the size. Of course it could have been just as heavy and harder to handle then so perhaps a 30-pound wrecking ball on the end of your arm would be enough.

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