Five Predictions We’re Making about “The Irishman”

Five Predictions We’re Making about “The Irishman”

The Irishman

When speaking of Frank “the Irishman” Sheeran a lot of people will undoubtedly think about Jimmy Hoffa if they think about either man at all. After all these two are from an era that a lot of folks these days either remember or are too young to relate to since it was a different time that they couldn’t possibly begin to understand. From the ties with the mob to the labor union issues that went on repeatedly and finally to the deathbed confession that Sheeran gave before passing away, the story of The Irishman is one that’s beset with a great number of stories that tell of a man who was fully dedicated to what he was doing and was pained beyond belief when he was asked to do the one thing that he didn’t want to. The movie will no doubt be more for entertainment value than anything, but with Scorsese at the helm you simply know that it’s going to be something amazing and something that only the old dogs that were around during that time or somewhere not too far removed are going to understand completely.

Here are a few predictions we have about the movie thus far.

5. The CGI will be top-notch.

Stephen Sorace of Fox News wrote that Scorsese had a bit of a concern over the CGI used to make Robert De Niro and Al Pacino look younger since it didn’t seem to make De Niro look threatening enough. If you take a look at old pictures of the real Ed Sheeran then you can see that he was a rather imposing figure that didn’t look like someone you’d want to cross. Compare that to a young De Niro and you might think that Robert is a bit of a pushover when it comes to looks. If the movies we’ve seen over the years have taught us anything it’s that he can act tough with the best of them, but from a younger standpoint he looked a bit more docile than Sheeran.

4. Martin Scorsese will have a role within the movie.

So far it doesn’t look like he’ll be in the film according to the cast and crew list, but one thing is for certain, that doesn’t mean he won’t slip in there eventually and take an uncredited cameo that everyone will notice. He’s done this in a few of his movies and it’s been kind of nice to see him immersing himself in the same world that he’s helping to create. Plus his characters aren’t always memorable but they’re great for the moment and are entertaining since he puts enough character into each role to make it worthwhile. It seems fair to say that he’ll do the same in this movie since the opportunity would be wasted otherwise.

3. There’s going to be a healthy balance between Hoffa and Sheeran

This kind of has to happen since it is a story about Sheeran but at the same time Jimmy Hoffa was a huge part of his life for a while. Once Sheeran was attached to Hoffa he still worked for the mob, but he was at Hoffa’s beck and call quite often. For a while the two were inseparable and were as good of friends as anyone could be in their position. Listening to how things went down with Hoffa and how it’s rumored that he met his end tends to come with a great man explanations, many of which exonerate Sheeran no matter that some people still think that he was the one that ended Hoffa’s life.

2. It still won’t be accepted as the true story.

And it probably shouldn’t be to tell the truth since Scorsese is a tale-spinner and a fabricator that takes history and puts a different twist on it as he did with Gangs of New York. If you go back into the history books some what happened in that movie was true, some things were factual, but a great deal of it was created for the theater and for the reaction it would pull from the audience. Scorsese is a master at giving people the kind of story they want and has made a good living creating fiction from reality. But this story will no doubt take a couple of jogs wide of reality.

1. The story will follow Frank Sheeran’s confession.

It might or it might not but it does seem as though it will hold close to the confession that he gave on his deathbed about pulling the trigger when told to do so on Jimmy Hoffa. Some seem to think that it tore him apart to have to do this but when the mob said to do something their people were expected to jump to attention and do it. Sheeran’s claim has been widely disputed throughout the years since there’s no real evidence seeming to hold up that will attest to this, but it’s hard to think that a deathbed confession would be just another lie.

This could be an interesting film.

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