Five Predictions for Days of Our Lives in 2021

Days of Our Lives fans want to see something good happen in the new year. So much tragedy has occurred in Salem in 2020, and we want more for our favorite characters. What will 2021 bring? We have no idea just what it will bring, but we do know that it will bring something that might not make much of a difference as a whole. There might not be much goodness in the new year, but we do have some predictions that might make us believe that something good could happen in the middle of all the things we also know are just not good. What do you think it might be? And how can we make a change in this difficult time? By predicting the future, of course.

Lani and Eli Will Reunite

Secrets and lies are coming between them in such a major way every single day. They are having a baby, and they are in a good place outside of all that is going on right now, but we have a feeling that this baby will bring them together again. We are hopeful that she just goes into labor and it’s quick and painless and easy and that things are perfect for her and the baby, but we know that’s never going to happen in Salem. All we can do is hope that whatever happens, she and the baby are fine, and that she and Eli end up in a good place with one another. They are married, they should be happy, and they both deserve that. We have a feeling that 2021 is their year.

Gwen Will Go Down

She’s been on top of her game for too long now. She came into Salem with a plan and a mission, and it’s working. She’s managing to make everyone and their mom – but, like, literally – miserable, and it’s such a problem for everyone. She is a mess, and no one wants her around even if they don’t know it yet. We have a feeling she may succeed in a few of her dirtiest schemes, but we also feel that her time is coming to a quick end. She won’t be able to keep this up for much longer, and someone will figure out what she is up to. We just cannot wait for that moment and what it means for her and the lives of everyone in Salem when they all figure it out.

Jennifer Forgives Jack

We need this. We just need her to do this and make everyone happy again. This is just not right. First and foremost, she thought her husband was dead for years and slept with other men. She was in a coma for months and months and slept with a woman one time before the guilt overwhelmed him and he could not do it again. She can forgive that. We know she can. Especially since what he did was not done out of love or the ability to be with someone else. He couldn’t be with someone else even though he thought his wife would never be alive with him again. So, she can forgive him. We have a feeling it will be filled with emotional ups and downs if she does, but we hope that it’s a moment we get to see in the new year.

Ciara Returns

This would just be the best. We know she is not dead. We can feel it. There are too many indications she is not, and we want to see that for ourselves. We want to see her survive and to thrive and to come back to Salem and be married to the love of her life. But, we have a feeling that when she does return, it will not be a happy reunion. Sadly, we have a feeling it’s going to be one of those things that turns into a bigger mess than it really is, and we have a feeling that it will be a situation that no one can deal with. It seems to us she will come home damaged in some way, and it will take Ben some time to make things right with her and in her mind. We hope it’

Chad and Abby Divorce

Their divorce is a long time coming. They have not been happy in a long time. They are always in the middle of some sort of drama that affects them in some way, and they never seem to be on the same page at the same time. However, they’ve been having a particularly difficult year with Gwen working so hard against them. We predict that this couple will meet the same fate they always meet. They will find out that things are not going their way, they will not have the correct communication to figure things out in a positive manner, and they will completely fall apart. It won’t be good. It won’t be easy, and it won’t matter. They won’t talk about it, but they will make all the assumptions. This will lead them down a road that they cannot come back from. And, honestly, it might be time for them to go this route.

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