Top 5 Most Powerful Female Fighters in the Dragon Ball Universe

Top 5 Most Powerful Female Fighters in the Dragon Ball Universe

Top 5 Most Powerful Female Fighters in the Dragon Ball Universe

Dragon Ball has historically not given much attention to female fighters, but as the series has progressed, several formidable female characters have emerged. While many of them may not be as powerful as their male counterparts, a few can hold their own and even surpass some of the strongest fighters in the series. Here, we rank the top five most powerful female fighters in the Dragon Ball universe.

5. Zangya

Zangya is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, as she was able to take on Future Trunks and hold her own. She easily defeated Krillin and was even giving Gohan a run for his money until he transformed into his most powerful form. While Zangya can take down some of the best fighters in the series, she struggles to break through the threshold of taking on Saiyans at power level 2. This limitation keeps her from climbing higher in the ranks but still secures her spot as a formidable fighter.

4. Arale

Despite her unassuming appearance, Arale is a powerhouse capable of taking down some of the most skilled fighters in the series. She effortlessly handled Vegeta and even forced Goku to back off after revealing that her next attack would be 100 times stronger. Goku admitted that he couldn’t block it, which places Arale on an impressive level. However, it’s unclear if she would have been able to defeat Beerus just as easily, as he stepped in to stop the fight from escalating.

3. The Female Super Saiyan

It’s strange that this character has no name, but as the first female Super Saiyan seen in the series, she’s assumed to be on par with Goku in terms of power. This assumption places her high in the ranks without hesitation. If Dragon Ball considers the differences between men and women, a female Saiyan might have an edge over her male counterparts due to her ability to strategize before attacking, giving her an advantage over her opponents.

2. Helles

As a god in the Dragon Ball universe, Helles’ power levels are understandably off the charts. Gods typically possess unfathomable power compared to mortal beings, and even if Saiyans come close to godhood, they might still be considered children in the eyes of a deity. Helles is expected to be incredibly powerful, as gods usually possess immense experience, wisdom, and battle prowess from their long lives, in addition to their raw power.

1. Vados

In a surprising twist, angels in the Dragon Ball universe are more powerful than gods and Saiyans. The power hierarchy seems to depend on how powerful and evolved a Saiyan becomes, but divine beings like angels have an immediate advantage due to their experience, wisdom, and battle prowess, as well as their raw power. Vados, an angel, takes the top spot as the most powerful female fighter in the Dragon Ball universe.

It would be fascinating to see the most powerful male and female fighters in Dragon Ball face off in a battle to determine their superiority. However, such a showdown would need a compelling reason to satisfy fans.

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