New Things to Expect on Fear Factor Season 2

New Things to Expect on Fear Factor Season 2

MTV is bringing back the remix of Fear Factor season 2 with host Ludacris, consisting of twenty episodes, which is eight more than its previous original season. The show is scheduled to on air on Tuesday nights. Ludacris will be returning as the show’s host as well as executive producer. Luda will again be urging contestants to face their fears, pushing beyond their comfort zones, and taking action against those specific stress-makers.

Fear Factor‘s first season actually delivered the highest ratings for a series premiere in the last two year for MTV in the age group of eighteen to thirty-four years old, making it the number one cable reality television series to air on Tuesdays in that key demographic.

MTV’s Fear Factor, a reboot of the original NBC series with Joe Rogan hosting, brings a new spin to the initial idea, although there will still be crazy stunts that made the show so popular. Here’s some new things to expect on Fear Factor Season 2.

More Ludicrous Than Ever

Ludacris says that this next season is going to be even more ludicrous than the last, pun intended. In fact, the show is interested in casting ex’s as contestants on the competition style reality show, challenging them to attempt things they never thought they would, facing the scariest, and often the grossest, situations you would never even have though of. The contestants who succeed in overcoming their fears, finishing all the challenges in the allotted time and with the best time, will win fifty thousand dollars.

Teams of Two

The new Fear Factor will be built more around teams of contestants and their connections, instead of individual contestants. The show will be targeting duos with pre-existing relationships, such as couples, roommates, parent-child, sisters, and, yes, ex’s. Obviously, the big question here, is how many ex’s are going to be able to work together well enough to end up victorious? Seems like this is actually another obstacle which will have to be faced by each contestant who ends up teamed with an ex. While the show is most interest in casting ex’s, they state that they will consider various teams of 2 regardless of their personal relationship.

Fresher Side

Ludacris himself is going to make the show seem more hip, young, and fresh, with a funnier side, making it an all-around more watchable show in the targeted demographics than Rogan did in the original series. In addition, Ludacris gives the show a different personality, joking amicably with contestants and improvised taunting them as the contestants try to retain composure to finish each challenge.

Bigger Stunts, Less Gross Stuff

In addition, Luda says that the creative team has worked to create challenges specific to each contestant’s various fears. They’ve actually studied what each person is afraid of, not in order to make it mean-spirited in any way, but instead to make it more fun and most definitely scary. The emphasis will be more on the spectacular, crazy-looking stunts. Ludacris adds that the camera angles themselves will even be manipulated to create even more insane sense of suspense, making the show much more exciting for those watching from home. Furthermore, this version of the reality show will focus more on bigger and better stunts and less on the gross stuff which was a show standard on the original version.

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