Five Pivotal Moments from Rick and Morty Season 3

Five Pivotal Moments from Rick and Morty Season 3

Let me pop a Tylenol or five before getting into this because honestly diving into Rick and Morty season 3 seems to inspire the need for something stronger but honestly I do need to be coherent enough to type. Since its inception the show has been nothing short of psychotic, mind-bending, and somehow capable of turning a regular science fiction/animation fan into a crazed and addicted fan able to scream for Mulan sauce on a whim should the show ever bother to show that particular episode. In other words, Rick and Morty is by far and large a show that is for those that love the utter chaos that’s represented and don’t mind the plot seeming to switch around the various plot devices on a whim so that it seems as though you’re watching a visual goulash at any given moment.

With that being said, let’s take a few looks at some pivotal moments in the season.

5. Rickmancing the Stone

It’s amusing to hear Dan Harmon use the term ‘politically incorrect’ when thinking about this show. The effect of Morty and Summer’s parents splitting up is something that seems to drive them both to a very dark place that is possibly very familiar to some people in the world but is never a truly effective place to work from. But by going through the pain of loss and the inability to understand why their father can’t seem to ‘man up’, both Summer and Morty begin to figure out just what is really important and they discover that while things aren’t perfect, they’re willing to ride them out with their parents and sort the whole mess out together.

4. Rest and Ricklaxation

To think that this show actually introduces morals is kind of messed up since the subject matter usually leans towards a very dysfunctional trend that doesn’t seem to hold many, if any, redeemable values. But for all that the releasing of their inner toxins does seem to mess Rick and Morty up more than helping them since the toxic versions of themselves have more feelings and vulnerabilities than the originals do. But all in all if the creators really wanted to show just how bad Rick could be it would seem that they’ve already done this in the seasons prior to this one, as Rick is perhaps one of the biggest jerks ever.

3. Pickle Rick

Quite honestly this entire show seems focused on the essence that Rick is by far and large the most selfish, messed-up individual that you’ve ever met and that’s ever been created for any show, EVER. The fact that there are actual morals and lessons within this cartoon is kind of hard to imagine since throughout most of each episode it seems absurdity and insanity is the name of the game and sense and logic are about the furthest things from what goes on. There has to be some sense to the chaos within the show and it’s obvious that the creators see it, but they put up a huge smokescreen of ridiculousness.

2. The Ricklantis Mixup

To think that any of the Morty’s could be ahead of any of the Rick’s is hard to think about, especially since Morty is for the most part a sidekick that is otherwise not as strong as his counterpart. But one Morty is of course the guy that manages to get one up on just about everyone and the idea that he could be in charge of the universe, or universes, is kind of disturbing since in the world of Rick and Morty it does take a rather deranged mind to come up with a plan that will allow for the subjugation of the many, but it’s hard to believe that such a mind would ever belong to any of the Morty’s.

1. The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy

As much as Jerry and Rick hate each other, and they do without question, it was kind of odd to see Rick take Jerry out and eventually have an adventure with him that ended up with the two men still hating each other but having a mutual respect. Jerry is a very needy person and simply can’t go without manipulating others in one way or another. Of course Rick isn’t much better since he’s all about having a good time and avoiding anything unpleasant as much as he can. You would almost think that he and Jerry would be able to get along at some point but the truth is, well, they can’t.

Okay, my mind is fried from having to revisit this show once again, and once again I’m reminded that no matter how popular a show is or how many people like it that one’s point of view, if entirely different, is still their own and doesn’t reflect on others. In other words this show is severely twisted, but it obviously resonates with many individuals.

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