Five Original Disney Channel Movies Adults Would Like

The Disney Channel has been filling our lives with high quality entertainment for decades. While some viewers may equate the Disney franchise with films made for children, this is only true to a degree. Many parents enjoy watching Disney movies with their kids. While most are geared towards a younger audience, there are quite a few that are equally entertaining for adult audiences.

Here are five original Disney Channel movies that adults would like.

“Smart House”

Adults can appreciate the theme of this movie because it involves some pretty cool technology. The 1999 film, directed by LeVar Burton is the story of a boy who loses his mother. He doesn’t do well with the changes and resists the new life that is being thrust upon him. Ben spends his time looking at old videos of his departed mother. His life changes dramatically when he wins a new smart house. It features the latest technology and includes a hologram housekeeper created by Sarah Marr. When Ben’s dad starts dating her, things get a little out of control. It’s a good show about the advantages of technology and learning to cope with loss and move on with life.

“Don’t Look Under the Bed”

This movie is a nostalgic look at the things that we’re most afraid of growing up. How many adults can remember being afraid to look under their bed? Most of us recall the times that we heard bumps in the night and were certain that there was something ominous hiding beneath the mattress. Disney capitalized on this common fear and created a story about the notorious bogeyman. It takes us back in time to simpler times that seemed to be complicated for the mind of a child. It’s a little on the scary side, but mostly, it’s just good entertainment that is fit for the entire family to watch together. Every parent should watch this movie about the girl named Lynn who coped with her loneliness by creating an imaginary friend.

“Under Wraps”

Everyone loves Halloween whether we’re children or adults. “Under Wraps” tells the story about a group of children who encounter a mummy who terrifies the wits out of them. After their initial shock, they get to know him and become friends. They learn that being dead isn’t the biggest problem that he has. The show is a little on the scary side, but it is filled with some great life lessons that are good for people of all ages. It is about learning not to judge others solely on their appearance or what we believe they are like. It takes getting to know someone before we can say whether or not they would make a good friend. This is family entertainment at its best.

“The Even Stevens Movie”

Louis Stevens is hands down, the best prankster on the planet. This movie is entertaining for people of all ages, particularly those who have families because it includes all members of the house embarking on a trip to an exotic island. They are ripe for a relaxing vacation and the scenery is beautiful. The film includes action scenes with Louis hanging over a cliff, the family dealing with his pranks and the fact that the whole trip is an elaborate backdrop for a new hit reality show that the Stevens family is a part of. This lighthearted adventure comedy is a must see for adults and kids.

“The Color of Friendship”

“The Color of Friendship” is a dramatic film about the harsh realities of racism. It is not a feel good movie, but it does show how two girls approach the subject and show the world that prejudice is something that humans were meant to overcome. It is a touching story of a girls from Washington D.C. and a girl from South Africa. The adults don’t share the girls’ innocent acceptance of people for who they are and not the color of their skin. Adults would like this educational drama because it teaches us all how destructive racism can be and casts it in the repulsive light that is deserving of the act.

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