Five of the Creepiest Attics in Movies

Five of the Creepiest Attics in Movies

Five of the Creepiest Attics in Movies

Let’s be honest, attics are creepy places sometimes that often get that reputation since it can sound as though something, or someone, is moving at times, they’re often musty unless they’re finished, and they tend to get a bad reputation largely because this is one of the elements that horror movies absolutely love. Even if attics don’t factor into a horror movie and are seen elsewhere they’re a little bit intimidating largely because this is one of the typical areas where people tend to accumulate years of stuff that tends to pile up and become havens for small creatures that find attics particularly nice. Most of all though, attics are a horror element that translates fairly well since a lot of people don’t tend to visit their attic that often and as a result the gloom and uncertainty that such rooms can bring tends to build simply because of disuse. There are quite a few individuals that would jump out of their skin to hear a sound coming from their attic when they know full well that it’s supposedly guarded against any minor intrusion. Simply put, attics are perfect for a lot of movies that need a slightly creepy element that will give them just a bit of an edge since these rooms aren’t always looked as that important, apart from their obvious storage capacity.

Here are five of the creepiest attic scenes in movies.

5. Flowers in the Attic

The attic in this movie isn’t really that creepy, but it’s still hard to fathom anyone doing this to another person, let alone a kid. Plus, this was at one time a book that a lot of parents actually wouldn’t allow their kids to read since it was so damned graphic. But there were also plenty of themes that kind of disturbed and managed to creep a lot of people out, so it’s not hard to understand why some parents would say no to this book. The vile nature of the story and the fact that it was given a platform to work from is hard for some people to imagine, but the story itself is just one aspect of the dark nature that humanity still harbors at times.

4. The Grudge

The Grudge is kind of a running gag reel of what NOT to do in a horror movie since every wrong decision that the characters make is telegraphed and it wasn’t too surprising to hear people openly mocking the movie in theaters. The attic in this movie is as dark and foreboding as it can possibly be since NO ONE GOES UP THERE, and for good reason. But hey, curiosity in a horror movie is one of the trademarks of the genre, so thinking that someone isn’t going to go and check on that suspicious noise is like thinking that anyone in the movie is going to exercise some common sense. It could happen, but usually it doesn’t. Janaki Jitchotvisut of Insider would agree with this no doubt.

3. Sinister

Sinister didn’t exactly get a decent grade when it comes to horror movies even though the premise is actually terrifying and this attic scene is enough to make a lot of people jump. What in the world would you do if you ascended the ladder to see a group of kids sitting in front of a projector screen watching the most grisly home movies that you could imagine? A lot of us might say ‘well, you kids have fun’ in jest and then head back down the ladder to get a glass of water and a crucifix, or a shotgun, either way. But in terms of this movie the main character did what most people would do, he froze, and in so doing reaffirmed the role of the protagonist/victim.

2. Beetlejuice

This movie was more comedy than horror to be fair, but there’s still something very oddball about the Maitland’s attic since it’s still fairly dingy, still dark, and kind of foreboding in a way, especially when they open the door to the afterlife and head on in. This is where Adam spends most of his time after all, shouldn’t it be bright and cheery, or at least have an industrious feel to it? Of course one has to remember that Beetlejuice, or Betelguese, whichever, has been hanging out in the miniature cemetery, so it’s likely that his influence had something to do with the attic having kind of a darker lean to it.

1. Hereditary

This was just kind of an oddball movie all-around since it did well on the terror scale but it still had a lot of explaining to get to what it was actually all about. But the scenes in the attic were by far and large some of the most disturbing simply because…well, they were. Watching the clip brings it back since honestly just walking into that attic would feel as though something wasn’t right, largely because it wasn’t. Angie Han and Jess Joho of Mashable did their best to explain the movie a little further.

Any other attics I might have missed?

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