The Reason For Lola Bunny’s New Look in Space Jam 2

The Reason For Lola Bunny’s New Look in Space Jam 2

The Reason For Lola Bunny’s New Look in Space Jam 2

Here’s one thing to say to all those that feel that Lola Bunny was too sexualized in the original Space Jam: GROW UP. Seriously, if you get a funny feeling by looking at a female cartoon bunny then the issue isn’t really the fact of how she was drawn, it’s the fact that you might have an issue that needs to be addressed, or let loose, who knows since it is 2021, not the 90s any longer. Those thinking that Lola Bunny was too sexualized in the past must have never watched the episodes when Bugs Bunny dressed up in a women’s getup to fool Elmer Fudd, since despite having a crop top and shorter shorts, Lola was still every bit the important part of the team and was given an attitude that was deemed as just fine in the 90s. One thing that a lot of people are forgetting or simply not accepting is that movies are made as a product of their time, and while people of today might not agree with this, they either said nothing in the past or weren’t around to voice their complaints, which means that there’s nothing they can do about it now. But since a new Space Jam movie is about to come out it’s to be expected that things are going to change since the ‘woke’ crowd wants to see things that are switched around to avoid bruising their delicate sensibilities so that they can have a more milquetoast experience when watching a movie. There are plenty of ways to describe how ‘back in the day’ things were a lot different, but many people don’t want to hear them as of now, since it would mean that they once had a good time watching movies that were a bit troubling with their content.

Arguing over a cartoon is pretty silly since they can be drawn any way a person wants, but heaven forbid they ever be drawn in a way that might influence anyone or offend a person these days, despite the fact that if one takes a look at some of the kid programs these days they’ll see that animated figures and live-action shows are still every bit as ‘offensive’ if a person was to take a really good look. People don’t want to hear this since they want to write their own narrative and omit anything that doesn’t fit with the story they want to tell. Lola Bunny isn’t a big deal to be quite honest when discussing her new look since it’s not such a big switch no matter what those that created the change might want to say. She’s a cartoon, an animated character, and someone that the kids back in the day enjoyed since they didn’t look at her as a sexual character, but someone that came in and was able to help out the team and just happened to be a good-looking bunny that caused Bugs to go a little loopy as he fell in love with her. Seriously, seeing anything past that might mean that a person has issues that need to be taken up with a psychiatrist. That’s not gaslighting, it’s a genuine concern and a bit of derision for those that can’t take a cartoon for what it is without finding some way to be offended by it.

The sad part is that this is going to keep happening most likely since the agenda at this time, which is being taken up by many people, appears to include targeting anything or any character that offends the delicate sensibilities of those that feel the need to wake up and be overly offended by something in the world around them. Does anyone remember this happening in the 90s, or even in the 2000s? It was likely there, but in the 2010s it started gaining ground in a big way as more and more people began to hitch themselves to this train of thought that fictional characters are simply too offensive and somehow harmful to the society that enjoys them so much. It’s enough to make a person wonder where the end to this is going to be since Pepe Le Pew has already been given up by Warner Bros. and it does sound as though Miss Piggy could have problems eventually since both characters are known to be aggressive. What’s next, Taz can’t be shown because he offends people on behalf of all real Tasmanian devils? Or maybe Marvin the Martian should be censored because we don’t know what Martians really look like and it could be wrong to assume their appearance. See? It doesn’t stop until we’re left with an Orwellian nightmare that a lot of people have been talking about lately, and some folks scoff at it since they believe that this nonsense does have an endpoint.

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