Five Movies We Can’t Wait to See This July

Spider-Man Far from Home

July is just about here and with that comes a bunch of movies that have been hyped up for months now that a lot of people are either really wanting to see or are at the very least curious about and want to experience just to satisfy the need that a lot of us have when it comes to not knowing what we’re in for. Some of the movies on this list are no doubt going to be blockbusters while the others, well, they might be decent but nothing to write home about. That being said though they’re still considered to be interesting enough to take a look and really get into the whole experience. In the coming months it seems fair to state that there will be even more movies that we’ll be wanting to go out and see, but for now summer is in full swing and the movies are on their way, so let’s see what there is to see.

Here are just a few of the movies that you can imagine people will be seeing come July.

5. Midsommar

There is something inherently creepy about going to a festival or even a gathering in a foreign country when the particulars of the gathering aren’t fully known to those that are traveling abroad to attend. In this instance the festival seems like a down home deal that might be okay, a little antiquated but still worth checking out, at least until it’s discovered that the participants aren’t allowed to leave after a while. Tell you what, if you’re ever in a country that’s not your own and you start getting a weird vibe, it might be time to pack up and call the vacation a wash, since people disappearing abroad is not a new occurrence.

4. Crawl

Curiosity might be the best reason to see this one since there have been so many movies like it that the faith that people need to continue watching these movies is in short supply sometimes. But Crawl, while it does seem like a cross between Hard Rain and Lake Placid, does seem to have at least some redeeming qualities that might make it worthwhile. For one it is bringing a cast that might be able to bring it up from the schlock-type horror that everyone is likely expecting it to be, and it could possibly defy our expectations since going in a lot of people are going to be waiting to nod their heads and say “That’s what I thought.”.

3. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

As a tribute to Hollywood’s Golden Age it does seem as though this movie might make a nice surprise in terms of the movies that are being released this coming month. Anything with Quentin Tarantino’s name on it is going to sell at least somewhat well in the theaters since he’s already established himself as a legend when it comes to storytelling and filmmaking. But while there are certain elements that people will be looking for it almost seems as though this movie is going to be a lot more tame than anything Tarantino has done to date. With that being said it’s going to be something of a wonder if it doesn’t perform that well during its opening weekend.

2. The Lion King

There’s not a lot that needs to be said about this one since from the moment the Lion King live-action movie was first mentioned people were losing their minds over wondering just who was going to be cast to do which character and how well-rendered it was going to be. So far it doesn’t look like we have much to worry about since the trailer looks fantastic and the characters have each been given a voice actor that many people approve of. Upon its release there’s a high expectation that this movie will take a good chunk of the box office and possibly be one of the biggest movies of the summer simply because of what it is.

1. Spider-Man: Far From Home

This one is going to carry a lot of emotion and some confusion until people finally watch it to be honest. For one, it does seem as though it’s going to introduce the multiverse, which from a movie standpoint could open up a wide array of possibilities. Two, Mysterio in the comics was more of an illusionist and con man without that many powers, so in this movie it seems that he might have been given a lot more than he originally started out with. Three, Iron Man is gone, as this comes on the heels of Endgame and it’s going to be noted throughout as Peter tries to cope with the idea that the man who helped him so much is now gone and won’t be coming back. It’s going to be an interesting movie to be honest.

Bring on July.

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