Five Awesome Election Scenes in Movies

Five Awesome Election Scenes in Movies

Movies tend to dip into politics very readily since as anyone can imagine there’s a virtual treasure trove of subjects within politics that actors can bring to life in a number of ways. When it comes to an election though one can easily imagine that the tricks and games that are played are going to be highlighted without fail. Whatever goes on in real life, and many people would be quick to state that there’s plenty going on behind the scenes, actors, and directors, and screenwriters, are able to pick up on this in a big way and the result can usually be seen in how a movie turns out and how it affects the average individual when it comes to their individual reaction. Some people might actually become offended at how their political party or someone they follow and care about are represented, while others will simply take it at face value since it is entertainment and it is something that needs to be enjoyed or ignored depending on the preference of the individual. All in all, movies that deal with elections can be a lot of fun, but it’s wise to not take them too seriously.

Here are five awesome election day scenes from movies.

5. Gangs of New York

People should be glad this isn’t how election day is run since otherwise each and every election would be skewed in a very big way since casting more than one ballot would tip things over without fail. Plus, the fact that there are those that can’t vote in this country, such as many felons and those that aren’t legitimate US citizens. In this clip, it’s apparent that people are being rounded up so long as they’re breathing and are being corraled into the voting areas in an attempt to force them to vote one way or the other. There are many people that are currently trying to claim that the US election process is unfair, but this is beyond the pale.

4. The Campaign

Whether there’s respect between candidates or not is hard to say but it does stand to reason that the idea of not hating your enemy should be a thought that each candidate wanders into an election with since it causes one to lose focus on what’s really at stake. The trash-talking that does happen though is sometimes a bit pathetic and a little hard to take, but if it was able to reach the same level as this clip it might actually be something that the people would be interested in hearing. Listening to candidates trash each other back and forth might be kind of entertaining, but it wouldn’t be ‘polite’, so it’s easy to think why we don’t see much of it.

3. Napoleon Dynamite

Let’s be honest, people have to find a way to get the attention of those that they want to vote for them, or for those that they’re representing. This just had to be put in here since the dance was something that a lot of people remember from this movie for their own reasons. The whole idea that this was Napoleon’s idea to bring awareness to Pedro’s candidacy was kind of like ‘wow’ in a very sardonic manner. But at the same time, it definitely managed to get everyone’s attention no matter how odd it looks or how strange it was from the start. Sometimes it pays to stand out in a way that no one has thought of.

2. Election

If anything, movies tend to reflect elections in a very negative light sometimes since they can show just how corrupt and how aggressive people can be when they want to be in charge and when they want to have influence over others. This movie in particular shows the level of obsession that some people possess when it comes down to getting the kind of authority she wants. In high school, this is all kinds of hilarious since some people believe that this would imply that they have any say when it comes to anything within the school when in reality it’s kind of a trial run to see how kids will take to the whole democratic process.

1. Black Sheep

Despite being kind of a goofy movie, Black Sheep is one of the few that actually takes on a very real problem that is glossed over in other movies but never really discussed. The idea of voter fraud is something that stands as a big no-no in any election since the idea is to let people vote of their own free will without having their voice being coerced or falsified in any way. When one decides to start raking the cemeteries for votes it’s a sign that they don’t have a lot of confidence in their own campaign, and a sure way to sway the vote in their favor.

Election day can be stressful, but it still needs to be fair.

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