Five Movies You Totally Forgot Ben Affleck Was In

Ben Affleck used to be the guy that was on a roll with his career, and he still is kind of so long as he picks roles that he can accomplish without splitting the audience right down the middle when it comes to how well he’s doing. As far as Batman went the only reason it seems that he came back was that no one else wanted to step up at that time. He’s had some solid roles but he’s also had some that people might have forgotten either because of the movie or because his part just wasn’t that big to start with.

Everyone had to get their start somewhere.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This could be one of the few movies that you might not recognize him just because he was there and gone for the most part. The main focus after all was on Buffy and as a result anyone else was just kind of a walk-on aside from the main actors. Affleck was just kind of, there, if you can understand that. It’s hard to believe but at one point and time he was little more than a placeholder.

4. School Ties

In the 1950’s if you were different then you might have gotten picked on occasionally without mercy. If you were a different religion or ethnicity however then the abuse didn’t stop and often became something a person couldn’t deal with. Affleck was just another one of the guys in this film but played just a little bigger role since he was in the core group that was shown throughout much of the movie.

3. Smokin’ Aces

His death in this movie was kind of unexpected but it came to make sense considering that his small trio was perhaps the least qualified to really go in after Buddy Israel. The hitmen and bounty hunters that were going after Israel were notoriously tough and undeniably crazy, so thinking that he and his two ex-cop buddies could go up against them and come out the other side was kind of hard to believe.

2. Boiler Room

Up until you realized that he gave one of the best speeches in this entire movie you might have focused more on Giovanni Ribisi and possibly Vin Diesel. But the truth of it is that while he did give an awesome speech his presence in this movie was still fairly low-key since it wasn’t about his character. It used him as a point of reference for certain but it definitely didn’t go into too much depth.

1. Dazed and Confused

Forgetting about him in this movie could have something to do with Mathew McConaughey, who was just so chill that you tended to forget about everyone else most of the time. But really Affleck played one of the biggest jerks in this movie that finally got his payback at one point before throwing a fit in front of everyone and breaking his beloved paddle. It’s hard to fathom just how people got away with this stuff back in the day.

As of now it’s almost possible to forget about Ben Affleck.

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