Five Movies That The Critics Were 100% Wrong About

Five Movies That The Critics Were 100% Wrong About

Five Movies That The Critics Were 100% Wrong About

Let’s just admit that the critics get things wrong and call it good, since that’s pretty much the case with a lot of movies. They either hype a movie up and it turns out to be less than worth the price of the ticket, or they try to vilify it and people end up loving it. Just to be fair, critics are human beings, so they’re fallible, and they’re likely looking a movies in a very different way from everyone else. But the idea of telling people which movies are worth seeing and being completely confident in their estimations is something that makes a lot of people laugh since some folks actually go to school to become movie critics and in the end still find that their opinion and bias, however muted it is, turns out to be horribly wrong. There have been plenty of movies that the critics have called correctly and it’s worth noting that they’re not all out to trash our favorite movies and shows, but there are plenty of critics that dole out their opinions as though they’re gospel and show little more than disdain for what people enjoy when it comes to entertainment.

Here are a few of the best movies that audiences loved that critics were absolutely wrong about.

5. Fight Club

Some of these movies have definite messages in them that are up to the audience to read into or ignore, but it’s kind of hard to miss the strikes that this movie throws when it comes to certain matters regarding society and how they need to be expunged. Tyler Durden is a man with a lot of problems, as is evidenced by the idea that he comes up with an alter ego to help solve said problems. A lot of people griped more about the differences between the book and the movie, but in truth, those that hadn’t read the book enjoyed the movie thoroughly since while it didn’t make sense to some it made perfect sense to others, anarchy is a language that can be taken many ways. And always remember, you DO NOT TALK ABOUT….you guessed it.

4. Scarface

There was a time when this movie wasn’t that popular and a lot of people still didn’t know about it, but that time is almost forgotten at this point since there’s a comic book out there where Tony Montana actually survived the deadly hailstorm sent by Sosa and went on a murderous trail of revenge. The movie however is disturbing since it might make a lot of people wonder if such a thing is possible and if there’s a crazy man out there like Montana that’s just waiting for the perfect moment to make his move. As one of the all-time quotable movies ever made though, Scarface is definitely one of those that people start hearing about early on.

3. The Shining

It doesn’t really look good when the author of the book that inspired the movie doesn’t happen to like the movie. It’s even worse when it’s Stephen King, the master of horror that a lot of people listen to and have loved for quite some time. But over the years this movie has only become more popular as looking back at the movie again and again has made a lot of people start to realize that there’s more to it than they originally thought. Revisiting the Overlook has been a favored pastime of some folks at this point and trying to find out just what it did to Jack, or what and who he was in the first place, has caused a wide amount of speculation.

2. Predator

From the outset it looks like another Arnold Schwarzenegger action-packed, shoot ’em-up type of movie that’s there for maximum violence and gore. But when you really look at the movie a little closer you’ll find that it is that, and a little more. The creature might confuse people a bit since when it comes to killing, the predator is pretty efficient and ultimately lethal, and shouldn’t be playing favorites when it comes to its targets. But when you look at it from this angle, Hawkins was taken first since he was culled from the pack, while Blaine was the next in line since he had the weapon capable of mass destruction. From that point it was just a matter of sorting through the rest to find the toughest one of them all.

1. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It’s a little tough to imagine that this movie didn’t really get the respect it deserved since there was so much content and the acting was pretty good as well. Over the years though it’s continued to cement itself as a classic for a few reasons, one of them being the iconic music that has to be rattling through your head about now. Go on, admit it.

Critics don’t know everything, just remember that.

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