Five Movies That Make You Want to Live Where They Take Place

Five Movies That Make You Want to Live Where They Take Place

There are a lot of movies that feature fantastic and practical locations that make it possible for people to be a little envious when it comes to their desire to live in the locations where the stories take place. Whether it’s a fantasy location or something that can be found in the real world there are a lot of people that would gladly admit that they would love to live in the same home, the same state, or the same region in which the movie is taking place. Some choices might be kind of odd, but there’s always a reason behind what someone selects when it comes to their ideal location. It could be something as simple a the peace of mind a location brings, or the macabre nature of something that stands out in a big way, or just how the movie makes a person feel. In some cases, the movies don’t necessarily represent the area they’re taking place in that well, but in a lot of them, it doesn’t matter since the surroundings are still so impressive that people can’t help wishing that they lived in that location, sometimes just for the novelty of it.

Here are a few movies that make people want to live in the locations where they were filmed.

5. The Descendants

Come on, who wouldn’t want to live in Hawaii? There are a lot of people that might say that they don’t want to live that far from the mainland since the cost of living in Hawaii is quite a bit more than it is in other locations, but the scenery and the pace of life is a lot different since the islands are still considered to be busy and productive, but they’re also seen as big vacation resorts where people go to relax. If there’s no other reason to want to live here it’s the fact that people see the islands as a getaway, a retreat that they can use in order to calm their nerves and just kick back. Of course, the locals don’t always see it this way.

4. Thirteen Ghosts

Apart from the ghosts and the giant death trap in the middle of the house, this place is simply magnificent. It’s not exactly the best place for young kids, at least not from an adult’s perspective, but it’s expansive and impressive enough that it’s worth the consideration. The whole idea of being able to see everyone through the glass walls is a bit disturbing, but it’s also fun to think that this home could be quite the treasure if not for the dark purpose it was created for. Places like this are a bit of fancy that would take a literal fortune just to create, and the upkeep would be insane, but it’s still fun to think about all the same.

3. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Who didn’t want to take a tour of the wizarding world when Harry Potter first hit the big screen? This place was amazing and was the dream of every kid that loved the books and the movies from that point on. Even the way that Hagrid introduced Harry to the wizarding world was a great deal of fun since it hinted at the idea that the world wasn’t too far removed from our own and thanks to magical means was basically right next door. Granted, the wizarding world became a lot more dangerous as Harry continued to grow and Voldemort and his followers started to rise in power, but up until then, it was pretty fantastic.

2. Funny Farm

It’d be interesting to see how many people even remember this old Chevy Chase comedy since it’s kind of been buried considering that it wasn’t even that big of a deal when it first came out. But the home that the lead couple moves to is simply amazing, as it sits on a huge amount of property and is nothing but inviting given that it’s a quaint old home out in the woods. Of course one would have to put up with an alcoholic mailman, snakes, and other various pitfalls that come from living so close to the wild, but at the very least that’s kind of a pittance when it comes to being able to find a place to get away from it all.

1. Home Alone

Did anyone ever answer the question as to how the McAllister’s were able to afford this home? Not only could it house two full families, but it had an attic space that was bigger than most peoples’ apartments and a back yard that could fit another single-family home on it with space to spare. Obviously the McAllisters did quite well for themselves, but the price of this home would have to be astronomical since the square footage would have to be out of control.

There are a lot of other places people have seen in the movies that they might want to live, but these were a few of the more practical choices.

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