5 Hurdles That Make Maze Runner 4 Unlikely

5 Hurdles That Make Maze Runner 4 Unlikely

Why Maze Runner 4 Might Just Be a Pipe Dream

Remember that time when the Maze Runner series had us all on the edge of our seats, wondering if our favorite characters would survive another day? Well, those days are as gone as the chances of getting a decent bagel in a gluten-free bakery. Let’s dive into the Maze Runner series and why the idea of a fourth movie might be more far-fetched than your aunt’s latest conspiracy theory.

The Last Page Has Turned

The third film, ‘The Death Cure’, did what it said on the tin – it cured us of any desire for more by wrapping up the main storyline tighter than a mummy in a budget sarcophagus. Fans were left with many questions, sure, but let’s be real, dragging out another sequel might just feel as forced as a laugh at your boss’s terrible jokes. The series concluded with such finality that even suggesting a fourth film feels like trying to get blood from a stone – and not just any stone, but one that’s been sitting in the desert sun for a good century.

5 Hurdles That Make Maze Runner 4 Unlikely

Can Dylan O’Brien Catch a Break?

Speaking of stones, Dylan O’Brien probably felt like he’d been hit by one during ‘The Death Cure’ filming. The guy had a run-in with fate that left him with more breaks than an overzealous Kit-Kat fan. The Death Cure faced production delays due to Dylan O’Brien’s severe injury on set, which begs the question: would he really want to come back for more acrobatics? It’s about as likely as your cat volunteering for bath time. The actor has healed since his injury, but returning to such a physically demanding role could be like asking him to relive his worst day at work, but on loop.

5 Hurdles That Make Maze Runner 4 Unlikely

The Dashner Dilemma

Then there’s James Dashner, who found himself swimming in hotter water than a lobster at a seafood boil. The author got caught up in some nasty allegations that made headlines faster than you can say ‘scandal’. I have spent the recent days reexamining my actions and searching my soul…I’ve been part of the problem, Dashner said, which doesn’t exactly scream ‘Let’s make another movie based on this guy’s work!’

5 Hurdles That Make Maze Runner 4 Unlikely

The Dystopian Downfall

Remember when dystopian was the new black? Well, now it’s about as fashionable as fanny packs and frosted tips – it had its moment. The Maze Runner cashed in when the genre was hotter than a sidewalk in July, but now? In the middle of the honeymoon phase with dystopia…2014 happened, and since then, we’ve seen more love triangles and oppressive regimes than we can shake a stick at. It’s enough to make any studio exec think twice before green-lighting another sprint through yet another labyrinth.

When Disney Met Fox

Last but not least, let’s talk about when Disney swallowed 20th Century Fox whole – probably didn’t even need a glass of water to wash it down. With Disney now owning everything from X-Men to your childhood memories, they’re focusing on big fish. And let’s face it, Maze Runner isn’t exactly Moby Dick in this ocean of franchises. It’s more like that one goldfish you won at the fair and forgot to feed.

5 Hurdles That Make Maze Runner 4 Unlikely

To wrap this up with a pretty little bow on top: between conclusive endings, actor injuries, author controversies, genre fatigue, and corporate gobbling, Maze Runner 4 looks about as likely as spotting Bigfoot at your local coffee shop. So let’s pour one out for the franchise and move on to obsessing over whatever shiny new thing Hollywood throws at us next.

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