Five Movie and TV Shower Scenes That Mocked the Psycho Shower Scene

Five Movie and TV Shower Scenes That Mocked the Psycho Shower Scene

Five Movie and TV Shower Scenes That Mocked the Psycho Shower Scene

In movies and on TV the shower scene from Psycho has become something of a running gag that is used to great extent since it does kind of lend itself to comedy. While it was terrifying when it first came out the scene has been used so widely that the music is easily identified and able to bring forth gales of laughter depending upon just how it’s being used. In some cases it’s been rather shameless but in others it’s been used to great effect since it produced the desired laughter and was more of an homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s classic than anything. The parody of such a scene is something you might think would make fun of it without reservation, but in reality the spoof tends to make people smile since it’s all in good fun.

Still, when that music hits it’s hard not get just the tiniest chill.

5. Looney Tunes: Back in Action

I honestly don’t know what to think about this movie since its plot is something right out of a cartoon, obviously, and makes so little sense that I’m kind of stumped. The shower scene is a little melodramatic, as you might expect, and is kind of funny, but it’s not exactly the kind of thing that you would expect from Looney Tunes. Ah, the good old days seem to be gone for good.

4. High Anxiety

How many people can say they got beat with a newspaper in a shower? That’s exactly what happens here as the person doing the ‘stabbing’ repeatedly yells at Brooks “Here’s your paper!” without pause. By the time he’s done and out the door Brooks has collapsed and the ink from the paper is beginning to run full force into the drain. Man these spoofs get strange.

3. The Simpsons

This one is a little different at least since it doesn’t take place in the bathroom. But it does feature the same music and the same feeling although instead of a repetitive motion Maggie only hits Homer once. She did this because of something she saw on Itchy and Scratchy, after which of course Marge starts to lobby for the show’s dismissal. Of course that never happens.

2. Pistachio Commercial

Pistachios have been making a big comeback in the public eye with the current list of commercials that have been coming out, and adding them into this bit of pop culture was inevitable I believe. It’s silly and kind of ridiculous but that seems to be what people want to see. So why not? Let’s throw some pistachios in the shower and have a Psycho-style killer stab at them with butcher’s knife.

1. That 70’s Show

I don’t think I’d mess with Eric’s older sister fully-clothed, and certainly not while I was naked. The woman just seemed to have crazy eyes and a bad attitude, which was made even more apparent when she flushed the toilet, causing the water to become scalding hot. The spilling of the shampoo was kind of a nice touch.

I wonder if Hitchcock would have approved.

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