Five Moments From Ozark that Went Too Far

As the popular Netflix series Ozark gets ready to enter into its final season, fans can’t help but reflect on a show that took the world by storm. The series centers around a man named Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) who relocates to the Ozarks after getting caught up in money laundering. Like most shows about illegal activity, Ozark is full of drama and action. However, there have also been some moments in the show that have been very intense. Some would even argue that these moments have been a little bit too much. At the same time, however, many of these scenes have become the most memorable parts of the show. Keep reading to see five moments from Ozark that went too far.

1. Mason Young Holds His Baby Under Water

During its first season, Ozark came out of the gate swinging. The series made it clear that it was going to push as many boundaries as possible and fans were excited to be along for the ride. But let’s face it, we’re all a little extra sensitive to scenes involving babies (rightfully so). So, when Mason attempted to ‘baptize’ his newborn baby by holding him underwater for an extended period of time, most viewers felt a little uncomfortable. Luckily, the baby survived. However, it definitely seemed a little touch and go given the amount of time he was without oxygen. This moment was one of several in the series that proved that nobody is safe.

2. Marty’s Toenails Get Ripped Off

Toenails aren’t something that most people think about on a daily basis. Nonetheless, I think it’s safe to say that we’re all pretty attached to our toenails. As a result, I think we all cringed when Marty was being tortured during the first season and his toenails were ripped out as a result. Not only was it painful to watch someone else go through this kind of pain, but it was also impossible not to think about how it probably felt. As with other moments in the show, this one showed just how in over his head Marty truly was.

3. Del Gouges Out His Financial Advisor’s Eye

During his time on the show, Del (Esai Morales) struck fear into the hearts of many, and that was because he was never afraid to take things too far when he felt betrayed. However, even though viewers knew that was no line he wouldn’t cross, it was still shocking to see some of the things he did and this scene is a prime example. After finding out that his financial advisor may have been stealing money from his operation, Del decided that he was going to teach him a lesson once and for all. While viewers knew that this ‘lesson’ would involve violence of some sort, no one could’ve guessed what was actually going to go down. During this episode, Del had his men gouge out his former financial advisor’s eyes. This scene took an even more sickening turn when Del had the financial advisor’s eyeballs mailed to Marty.

4. Russ Gets Electrocuted

I think we can all agree that there are some ways to die that seem worse than others, and getting electrocuted is definitely towards the top of the list of terrible ways to die. Unfortunately for Russ, this is exactly how he met his fate. Sure, it was somewhat obvious that Russ’ end was near, but no one could’ve seen this one coming because it was Ruth who would ultimately be responsible for sending Russ (her uncle) over to the other side. Of course, Russ’ death ended up having some unintended consequences that added even more drama to the storyline.

5. Wendy’s Lover Hits The Pavement

The first episode of Ozark is one of the most memorable, and it has a lot to do with this scene. While Marty was on his way to confront his wife’s lover he was met with an unbelievable surprise when a man’s body came flying from the office building he was walking towards. The body, which turned out to be Gary’s, hit the ground so hard that it made a loud noise and Gary’s shoe went flying off. Marty was so surprised by what he saw that he couldn’t even speak. After a few seconds of staring at the body, Marty decided to turn around and get back in his car. Even though we knew that the conflict between Gary and Marty was going to come to a head eventually, nobody saw it happening like this.

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