Five Memorable 80s Songs You’re Still Singing Today

For those of us born in or before the 80s you can admit to still singing some of the songs listed below since they were just catchy enough to be considered worth your time and have been attached to various pop culture icons throughout the years. You might find yourself humming a few bars or breaking into song as you try to remember all the words and stay on pitch. How good you are doesn’t really matter since the fact that you remember the song is more than enough. Sometimes music just strikes a chord with people and manages to stick around long enough that others pick up on it and find that it sticks with them just as easily. Not every song can be said to have this quality but honestly many of those from the 80s were songs that we absolutely loved until the 90s came around. And even then we still kept them in mind because they meant something to us.

Here are a few songs from the 80s that you probably still sing.

5. A-Ha – Take On Me

There was actually an app that was created for peoples’ phones that would allow them to view the world around them in this kind of medium, and whether it was a one-it wonder or not like A-Ha is unknown but the song did manage to stick around for a while. In this use it’s being plugged into Family Guy just like so many other things have as a segue. Throughout the show a lot of different pop culture segments have been used, abused, and in many ways altered thanks to Seth McFarlane and his hilarious antics. But this one was pretty cool for the most part until you realize that it’s not going to end the same way.

4. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

This song just gets in your head and won’t leave like a lot of Journey songs. Maybe it’s their pitch, their sound, or something in the song itself, but it’s so easy to sing and so much fun that you can’t help but sing along when it comes on. And a lot of people tend to get into it since the song affords a lot of leeway when it comes to the tone and pitch. Basically it’s just one of those fun, engaging tracks that doesn’t go away with time since people will always remember Journey no matter what. They did come up with some great songs after all and no matter what anyone thinks of them this one song is something special.

3. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – If You Leave

Some songs were just too good to pass up on since they kind of defined the movies they were in and the time period and how things worked. Pretty in Pink was, for the most part, just another teen movie, the type of movie that Molly Ringwald became the undisputed queen of back in the 80s. But it did still push the popular idea of a young man and young woman falling in love and the best friend that loved the young woman finally learning to let her go since the pairing between the initial two was simply too strong to be denied. It doesn’t feel like any other song could have capped this moment off nearly as well.

2. Prince – Doves Cry

Prince was one of THE biggest names in the 80s and even into the 90s he was rocking the scene since people flocked to his concerts and bought up every piece of music they could when it came to him. Some people don’t really understand his genius or why he was so popular but for the mos part it’s that he was so firmly in the moment and so integrated into his work that everything he was came out in a manner that attracted people without fail. He was one of the greatest icons to ever hit rock and roll and was undoubtedly one of the most popular singers to have ever graced a stage in any decade.

1. Talking Heads – Once In a Lifetime

Something about this song just speaks to a lot of people either because of its sound, its message, or something that occurs when the two meet in such a great way. The whole idea that it speaks to us on a level that we can all understand is something that makes songs like this so appealing and sticks in our heads so that when we need it the song will pop up and remind us just what it means and why we should be grateful for that. Using it in this movie is kind of a punctuation point on the change that each man goes through since it reminds them that what they knew is gone, and what they always wanted is now theirs.

Admit it, you’ve caught yourself singing at least one of these songs.

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