Five Marvel Characters Netflix Pretty Much Ruined

Five Marvel Characters Netflix Pretty Much Ruined

It’s fair to say that Netflix has kind of put a damper on some Marvel characters while it’s enhanced others. Ruining these characters is, in the long run, something that fanboys and those that are truly dedicated to the comics will care about the most, but since those are the people that are typically most dedicated to watching the shows too Netflix is taking a big risk by not doing their due diligence and delivering on the characters the way they’re supposed to be. There’s always the chance that they might be biding their time and waiting for the right moment to bust out the known story line that people want but so far nothing has gone the way that people want when it comes the characters listed below.

It might be time to start again with this bunch eventually.

5. Misty Knight

A lot of fans are waiting for that bionic arm and those mad skills that make Misty more than just a cop with a good heart, but so far they’re still waiting, and waiting, and waiting. It could be that they’re wondering if they’ll be able to come up with a good enough story line to introduce such a new development or perhaps need to get the right permission to do it correctly.

4. Bride of Nine Spiders

Have you noticed that some of the best characters from the comic are being dimmed down so as to give some the main characters more screen time? That’s backfiring on Netflix horribly since this character was something of a regular terror in the comics and should have been given a lot more screen time than this. If nothing else she should have been a tougher challenge for Danny.

3. The Owl

For someone who used to be one of Daredevil’s most deadly enemies the Owl is now just a shadow of what he used to be, and not even that really. In the comic books he was someone that the Kingpin would have seen fit to at least show a little respect to. In the show he’s an old man that’s a minor annoyance despite his knowledge of the stock market and how to use it.

2. Davos

He was supposed to be the one guy that Danny can’t take his eyes off in a fight, the one that could match the Iron Fist for power and skill. And yet in the show he’s this whiny pest that laments not being chosen to be the Iron Fist and pesters Danny relentlessly while acting like the world’s biggest, most deadly whiner the entire time. Hopefully he eventually gets his act together.

1. Iron Fist

Huh boy. First of all, from what I recall Iron Fist was a man that had total and utter conviction. He had discipline, he had power, and he didn’t pine over the past nearly as much as the actor does in the show. Either the writers need to have a serious meeting of the minds to overhaul this character like NOW, or Danny Rand is going to be remembered as a whiny rich boy with a glowing hand.

Seriously, it’s time to put with these people or shut them up for good.

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