Five Marvel Character Origins Movies We’d Like to See

Five Marvel Character Origins Movies We’d Like to See

Alec of the Cheat Sheet is correct in saying that the superheroes we’ve wanted from the MCU over the years have certainly changed since people want things a little darker, a little more real, and definitely more conformist when it comes to the source material. Sony and the MCU have tended to ruin some heroes and villains throughout the years since according to Joshua Olivieri from CBR they haven’t really translated well to the big screen. It could have something to do with how their origins have been presented however, and since Disney just finished its purchase with 21st Century Fox and Sony has gone its own way it would seem that the MCU is now in the position to change things around if they so desire. As Patrick Willems from Polygon points out though the whole issue is that there are simply too many issues, comics that is, for the MCU to keep up with, and in that vein it’s difficult to hold to any one origin story since so many heroes and villains have been altered a dozen times or so since they were first introduced. That being said, creating a movie that everyone is going t love featuring one solid and undeniable origin is going to be difficult since for some characters the story is never the same when moving from one writer to another.

Here are a few heroes that we would like the see the MCU spend some time and effort on though.

5. Wolverine

Yes it seems that Wolverine has been done to death, literally in fact. But there’s so much to this character’s history that just taking bits and pieces of it and saying “this is what it is” is almost a slap in the face to fans everywhere that want to think that Logan is in fact the multi-faceted hero that he’s been for so long. He’s taken on some of the biggest villains in the world and he’s been alive longer than a good part of the hero community since he’s so long-lived. But despite the fact that Hugh Jackman set the bar so high, it’s still feasible to think that someone could come along and portray this favored X-Man in a way that shows just how he really came to be, a different version of X-Men: Origins to be clear, not some jumped up story that runs during the opening credits.

4. Mystique

This is another character that the movies can’t seem to get just right since if you’ve seen her in the comics she does wear clothing at times, she’s not always running around in the nude, which for her seems to be acceptable since she seems to have no outer features that might be considered obscene. But Raven is by far and large one of the more interesting villains in the Marvel universe and the fact that she was turned into a hero is kind of confusing to many comic fans since for a long time she and the X-Men were at odds with one another, even if there were moments when they shared a common goal.

3. Gambit

There’s still a rumor and plenty of gossip going around that this film might get going again but nothing is for certain since it’s not a project that seems to be drawing a lot of attention. Remy is however one of the more interesting characters in the Marvel universe despite the fact that he seems easy enough for some folks to take out. The dangerous part about him is that he’s basically a walking energy bomb that can go off at any time but knows how to control his powers to the degree that he can be deadly from a distance or up close. His standing relationship with the X-Men has been something of interesting for years to comic book lovers since he’s one of those characters that isn’t all that bad but is still edgy enough to gain the right kind of attention.

2. The Fantastic Four

You know people want to finally see a worthy representation of this group since they’ve been manhandled so badly throughout the years. It’s easy enough to say that Ben Grimm finally got some respect as to his look when he showed up in the last version of the movie, but so far the rest of the team has been hit and miss. Perhaps the worst fallacy of the last movie was Doctor Doom, since he does happen to be one of their key enemies and was portrayed in such a horrendous manner that he seemed more like an animated golem than anything else.

1. Hawkeye

Clint takes a lot of flak for being one of the least powerful members of the Avengers but if anyone can remember he’s also one of the longest standing members of the group and is undoubtedly lethal. So yes, Black Panther can take him out, as can Cap, as can most of the Avengers roster, but he’s still an awesome hero since he hangs in there without any powers and still proves to be an invaluable asset to the team. Having an origin story for Clint might actually show us just how he came to have a family and a home in the middle of nowhere too.

There are a lot of origin stories out there we’d like to see, that’s pretty obvious.

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