Five Life Lessons the Show “Counting On” Teaches Us

If you’re a fan of the TLC series Counting On, you’ll be glad to know that it begins its seventh season on February 26th. A spin-off of the show 19 Kids and Counting, this one still follows most members of the Duggar family as they grow and many of them begin families of their own. The show has had its fair share of controversy and through that, it teaches a lot of important life lessons. Whether you watch the show often or you’ve never seen it before in your life, below are five lessons that you can learn by observing certain moments in this series.

1. Everybody faces hurdles; it’s how you handle them that matters

This was discussed from the time the very first episode of the new show entitled Counting On aired. It deals with the abuse that sisters Jill and Jessa had to deal with at the hand of their own brother, Josh Duggar. This is something that made headlines all over the place when word broke about Josh’s actions. To this day, there are many individuals that blame the entire family for what happened. It doesn’t help that the family are all about baptists, even to the point that they filter what they watch on television and have access to on the internet. They dress more modestly than most people, as well. This only served to make the news that much more shocking when people learned of the things Josh had done.

2. Life is a gift, even though it can be hard sometimes

There isn’t really anything easy about raising children and most people would agree that the more children you have, the more difficult things become. After all, you are responsible for a precious life that you’ve brought into the world and you play a role in every decision that child makes. This can be a tremendous burden but it is an equally wonderful gift. You can watch as two of the sisters discuss what it is like to be mothers themselves.

3. It’s important to give back

One of the greatest gifts in life is being able to give back to someone else who needs something more than you do. This is a lesson that this particular series has taught its viewers well. If you want a specific example that comes to mind almost immediately, think about Derek and Jill’s missionary work and all of the lives they have touched by participating in it. Even Johannah got in on the opportunity to make a difference. More importantly, take a moment to think how much better the world could be if everyone donated just a small portion of their time each week to help someone else, whether it’s someone on their block or halfway across the world.

4. Always respect your elders

This is a lesson that seems to be forgotten by most people these days. Fortunately, the Duggars are keeping this tried-and-true way of doing things alive. A perfect example is when Joe Duggar goes to Kendra’s father in order to ask him if he can have her hand in marriage. This is the way things used to be done by practically everyone, but it is a tradition that has declined great deal in recent years. It’s good to see someone that still respects the older members of the family enough to involve them in their plans as opposed to merely going through with them anyway and then dealing with the fallout.

5. It’s important to multitask in life

Some people might argue against the whole idea of multitasking, saying that you do better if you focus on a single task at a time. That sounds great, but in real life, focusing on just one task is almost impossible. Most people are forced to juggle several things at once and the Duggars do that better than a lot of individuals could ever imagine. Think about the way that Jessa runs the household while simultaneously taking care of two very young children. That is multitasking at its best.

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