John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson Reunite for Holiday Commercial

John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson Reunite for Holiday Commercial

John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson Reunite for Holiday Commercial

Samuel L. Jackson off the naughty words…that’s a good one. If there’s one thing that Jackson is known for it’s belting out the famed naughty words that a lot of people know him for and making us laugh as a result since the way he delivers them is usually comical as well as meaningful within whatever movie he’s featured in. This commercial does make a person wonder why John Travolta has never put on the Santa suit in order to make a movie or holiday special though since it does appear that he might be kind of good at it. But for a Capital One commercial, it works since the two men have worked together in the past obviously and their on-screen chemistry is about as perfect as it can get. Travolta and Jackson have definitely become two of the old dogs in the entertainment industry and watching them come up with just about anything at this point is pretty funny since it’s bound to be a good time with them around. But thinking that Jackson is about to let go of the swearing when it comes to his roles is something that sounds almost blasphemous since this is something he’s been known for throughout the years. It’s not the greatest thing to be known for, but his delivery is one reason why it works so well.

Since petitions appear to be the way to go at this point and time it might be wise for someone to start up a petition to see John Travolta take on the appearance of the big man in order to see if he has what it takes to play a full-length feature in this manner. Some would no doubt say that he could do it with his eyes closed, while others might wonder if he could make it work or if it would fall flat like a few of his movies have unfortunately done. It’s hard to say really, but the getup is pretty cool and it does look as though he’d be able to rock it fairly well. But then again, there’s always the story to think about and what it would entail. But maybe he and Jackson could collaborate on a holiday story, perhaps for next year since the holidays are approaching quickly and anything they might start at this point would be arriving well after the holidays. But reuniting them in a commercial is just as good at this time since it shows that they haven’t lost a step.

One of their best appearances together though will always be Pulp Fiction as Vincent and Jules, and anyone wanting to argue this point is bound to lose out in a big way since the two men were great enough that even thinking about arguing this point would be unwise. They’ve shown up in another movie together by the title of Basic, in which they belonged to the same clandestine group known as Section Eight, a group of soldiers that ferreted out some of the worst criminals in the military. These two have proven to be great on-screen together and yet, as Vincent and Jules, they had a rapport that was hard to beat since the two of them could go back and forth and the general feeling that was as dangerous as they were, both men had enough respect for each other, as characters, that they would likely never throw down unless there was no other choice. Jules was of course the quasi-religious-minded sort of individual that didn’t believe in coincidence or blind luck, while Vincent was a bit ignorant and didn’t really care about much if it didn’t affect him directly. Somehow they were the perfect pair since they complimented each other nicely and didn’t get in each other’s way that often, at least not until Vincent ‘accidentally’ splattered poor Marvin’s head throughout the interior of the car in the movie.

It does feel as though these two would be great in a Christmas movie together, but it almost feels as though it would need to be an adult Christmas movie and rated R just so that Jackson wouldn’t have to hold back as much. The possibility of Jackson going through a movie without cussing with every other word is something that’s happened, but people tend to enjoy him when he’s able to let loose more often, and a gritty Christmas movie wouldn’t exactly rub a lot of people the wrong way since such movies have been seen to entertain folks in previous years in a big way. Like it or not, there’s only so much cuteness during the holidays that some people can take. Putting these two into a holiday movie would be a lot of fun, especially if they weren’t forced to tone down the language. Just imagine what might happen.

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