Five Life Lessons Only NCIS Can Teach Us

Five Life Lessons Only NCIS Can Teach Us


Whoever said that watching television rots your brain clearly does not realize that you can learn a lot of valuable life lessons watching NCIS. In the years since the show first aired on television, fans have come to learn more about the characters, the cast and the plot, sure; but they’ve also learned a lot of lessons that might apply to real life, too. If you haven’t been watching the show, perhaps now is a good time to educate yourself on the things that really do make the world go round. Sometimes the best lessons are the ones we learn by chance.

Gibbs and coffee

Complex life problems are solved with coffee

If there is one thing we’ve learned from NCIS, it’s that pretty much all of life’s problems are easily solved when one takes a pot of coffee, pours it into a cup and drinks. The characters tend to gravitate toward the coffee when anything is going on. While it might not be my first choice, it’s probably a lot healthier and more cost-effective than wine for life’s little issues.

tony and ziva

Dating co-workers never goes well

Sure, you could read the employee handbook HR gave you when you first applied for your job, but that doesn’t sound like much fun. What does sound like fun is watching your favorite characters as they date one another, learn hard life lessons about dating characters and make the decision not to do this to yourself.

Movie references are always appropriate

It does not matter what’s happening, where you are or what it is you are doing; you can find a movie reference that is absolutely 100% perfect for the situation. There will always be some who find it in poor taste, but all the best people will appreciate this skill.

Everyone has that one friend who cannot drive

“But did you die?” is the phrase I’m fond of using when my darling friends behave as if my driving is dangerous. Ziva is a bit like myself behind the wheel, and it’s something I appreciate. We all have that one friend. If you don’t, you are that one friend.

The NATO Phonetic alphabet

Alpha, Bravo, Charlie…if you didn’t know this before, you know it now. It is the most fun, coolest thing you will learn watching this show. We don’t hate that you can learn more than you ever imagined possible watching this one, and it’s kind of awesome to impress people with it.

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