Five Lessons We Learned from the Show Gold Rush

Five Lessons We Learned from the Show Gold Rush

Gold Rush, which airs on Discovery, features six men as they strive to mine gold from various locations. The men, before this, had good jobs but lost them due to an economic turndown. Since they still had bills to pay, they had to find another source of income and hence decided to try out their prospects on gold. To prove their level of commitment, the six travel to Porcupine Creek, Alaska in search of gold. Even though most of them have little to no experience in mining, they are determined to succeed come whatever may. The determination and commitment displayed by the team is quite inspiring. In fact, the whole show is inspiring. As we watch the men go out of their way to achieve their goals, we get to learn a thing or two about life. Below are the top 5 life lessons viewers get to learn from Gold Rush

1. Before Anything, Plan

‘Failing to plan, is planning to fail’ — Alan Lakein.  Once the miners spot a promising ground, they do not just begin mining. We see them carrying out thorough research of the identified area. Though they may not have an idea of how much gold they will find, the effort required and the time it will take them to locate it, but before they begin, all indicators have to point to the fact that they will not come back empty handed. To get this information, they consult with experts and carry out appropriate tests. This way, they avoid wasting their time by digging up in unfruitful areas. This is very much repeatable in life as no matter how exciting a plan or idea is, we always have to carry out sufficient research before trying it out. For example, some business ideas may sound so brilliant in your mind but are not practical and profitable in real life. So, conducting a proper market analysis will help you avoid wasting your money and time.

2. Acquire Applicable and Effective Resources

In mining gold, equipment such as front-end loaders, wash plants, trammels, dump trucks and bull dozens come in handy. Each of these equipment has to be properly functioning to ensure no process is compromised. Much of the drama on the show occurs when one of these equipment break down. Usually, it causes a lag in a specific area and at the end of the day affects the entire outcome. Therefore, miners ensure to service and keep them in top-notch condition. For this reason, they have a team of experts who are tasked with keeping the equipment up and running. This way the team can produce maximum results. Resources are also important to businesses and industries. To stay ahead of the competition, applicable resources are needed. It is also wise to ensure they are all working perfectly. Otherwise, in case one or two are neglected, there can be a break in the chain and this causes short or long term effects to a business.

3. It’s Not Always Going to Be Easy

Though the miners experience many wins, they also lose sometimes. Take for example in season 1 when they fall out of their Lease and the Hoffmans have no money. According to Discovery, they are then required to look for gold worth over $10,000, within two days or go back home. This is a tough feat to achieve and has to be one of their most challenging moments. Impressively, the team comes up with ways to tackle this challenge and find a long-lasting solution. This situation mirrors our day to day lives. No matter our energy and passion, sometimes things will not go our way, and such is life. But, how you handle challenges is what matters. That is what determines if you shall be deemed successful or not.

4. All Work and no Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

It is important to sometimes take time off work to just have fun and enjoy life. In a special episode titled ‘Parker comes of Age’ the team comes together to hold an unforgettable party for Parker as he turns 21. Its been a journey for him considering that he had come from being a 15-year-old who learned from his grandfather to a 20-year old who was considered a major player in the team. According to Inc., taking some time off work relaxes your mind and makes you more productive. It is therefore important to sometimes relax with your loved ones away from work. Apart from relaxing you, it will also create a stronger bond between you and them and leads to more productivity when you are back to work.

5. Take Time to Weigh and Analyze Outcome

In the show, every week the team sets aside some time to measure how much gold they were able to mine. They then compare the results to their target. They measure their success according to how much gold they have achieved to get. If they didn’t achieve their target, the team sits down and tries to evaluate why not. They consider factors such as how much dirt they hauled, the number of hours the wash plant ran, the amount of fuel their equipment has used, and the total work time among others. This way they can identify where they need to improve next time to get more gold using lesser costs. This is also practical in life. We need to always analyze our results to figure the next step forward. Analyzing our outcomes helps us become better and achieve more next time.


According to Wikipedia, Gold Rush is now in its 10th season and just aired its last episode on March 6, 2020. For it to come this far, it only means that the show has got high and consistent viewership numbers. Gold Rush sure deserves to grace our screens as not only is it entertaining but also offers many takeaways. Above are among the best five. In case you have not watched it, you can catch it on Discovery and its affiliates to learn even more.

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