Five Incredibly Memorable Dance Scenes in Movies

Five Incredibly Memorable Dance Scenes in Movies

Five Incredibly Memorable Dance Scenes in Movies

There’s something inherently compelling about dance scenes in movies. Maybe it’s the motion, the music, or just the feeling one gets when they hear the right beat and want to get up and move about. But while a lot of dancing in the movies does require a lot of practice to avoid stepping on toes or otherwise injuring one’s partner, it comes off looking absolutely great since once everything is edited it comes together in such a way that it looks as though it was created in one glorious take and has few if any major flaws. Not to burst the bubble or anything, but a lot of these dance scenes do require a lot of editing and a lot of takes to get right since they’re more than a little difficult and in some situations, they’re not as realistic as they appear since a lot of this is for the effect that a movie can have on an audience. But with all that in mind, there are still a lot of jaw-dropping scenes out there that are nothing short of amazing and are entirely memorable.

Here are some of the most memorable dance scenes in movies.

5. Step Up 2: The Streets

Having watched a video of an actual dance instructor reviewing movies such as this it’s easy to believe that this situation is possible, but that it would be more than a little difficult since not only is the asphalt hard on a person’s knees when spinning around, but the wet clothing and the continual downpour would make things a little rough as the chill might creep in despite the constant movement. But when taken as it is, which is preferred, this scene looks absolutely awesome since the choreography is great enough that everything comes together in a way that speaks of a type of mastery that a lot of people attempt but never reach.

4. Take the Lead

Movies based on a true story tend to go out of context sometimes and even go off the rails now and then. But this movie, which has probably been largely forgotten by now, is actually kind of nice since it takes the classic style of dancing and blends it with the more streetwise movements that people feel rather than just practice all the time. By the end, the dances that have been shown are quite impressive, but putting the beats together and then letting them complete one great harmony turns out to be even more so since it’s far more inclusive and creates something better than its individual parts.

3. You Got Served

If anyone bothers to say that this isn’t dancing I’d gladly invite them to try it for themselves and then criticize since there’s a lot of technical movement that goes into this style, and while it’s not something that people tend to do with each other such as the tango or any other dance, it’s definitely something that requires practice. Much like many other crafts and practices in this world, dancing is not bound by one style, as it can be used in many different ways and manages to transcend the societal and cultural beliefs that people affix to it. In this manner, it becomes a way for people to express themselves in a very non-violent but forceful manner.

2. The Addams Family

This is memorable partially because it’s just plain silly and because the Addams family is one of the most celebrated families in pop culture given that they’ve been embraced in such a way over the years that many people have come to know who they are. The Mamushka is something that many people might think is a real dance, and some folks have even managed to come up with their own version of this dance in various ways at special events, but thankfully without the knives or the full-on headbutting. To be certain though, this dance is something that can make a lot of people smile since it’s not too complex, but it’s fun to watch.

1. Dirty Dancing

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” Admit it, you just said that out loud since it’s one of the most memorable lines in cinematic history, and it eventually leads to one of the greatest and most memorable dance scenes ever filmed. Johnny and Baby are one of the best and most celebrated couples in the movies and there’s a reason why especially considering that this movie is so easy to watch over and over…and over. But the fact that it delivered one of the best dance sequences ever, even though the hold he performs isn’t something that should be attempted without a lot of practice and a soft spot to land. Out of every dance movie out there, it’s likely that this will always be one of the most favored.

Dancing is like poetry in motion, no matter what anyone says.

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