Five Inanimate Objects With Significant Roles in Movies

Five Inanimate Objects With Significant Roles in Movies

A lot of time the inanimate objects on a movie set are just props and nothing else and are seen as just that. But when they’re given some specials significance then we sit up and pay attention. It could be pretty much anything that someone sees as important no matter how silly it is or how insane it might seem. These objects that are granted this type of importance are then seen to steal the show if only for a little bit sometimes. In other cases they can take over the whole movie and for the most part become just as important as the actors that use them. It might seem a little silly to give so much credit to an object but in many ways those objects manage to help the actors push themselves to make the performances that much more believable.

Here are a few that definitely took their spot in the films they showed up in.

5. Annabelle-Annabelle

If Annabelle hadn’t been the main focus of the movie I would think that the director had taken a seriously wrong turn and forgotten just what the movie was supposed to be about. As it is this creepy doll thankfully wasn’t the one that the Warren’s managed to obtain and keep locked up for years, but a much creepier version that was made for the movie.

4. The mirror-Oculus

If you watched this movie then it’s likely that you kept your eyes open for that mirror more than anything else. To start with it’s just a creepy-looking, heavily decorated mirror that looks more like a portal to somewhere else than a common, run of the mill mirror. The effect it has on those that look into it is bad enough, but the fact that the female lead seemed to want to mess with it again after what happened to her family is just hard to fathom.

3. The toaster-Ghostbusters 2

Here’s a fun one. The toaster obviously needed a little help from the slime that was collected from the tunnels below the city, but once it got that aid it was up and ready to rock. I do wonder what they put in the toaster to make it wobble like that since the budget for Ghostbusters 2 wasn’t that great and CGI was kind of limited to the ghosts and their effects.

2. Pee Wee’s bike-Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure

Oh this bike. When a lot of us were kids we probably would have done anything for a bike like this. Well, maybe not, but it’s still kind of cool in any case. Obviously it’s the main part of the film since Pee Wee can’t live without it and is more than ready to do anything to get it back, which includes driving everyone around him insane. Of course by the end of the movie he gets his bike back and rides off as the hero.

1. Wilson-Castaway

Picture this, you’re stuck on a spit of an island in the middle of the ocean and no one knows where you are let alone if you’re alive. The only things you have with you are a few packages that managed to wash ashore and a volleyball that suddenly becomes your best friend. At least Wilson was there, right?

It’s amazing how an object can become the center of attention.

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