It’s Time to Get a Fan Petition for Christopher Nolan to Helm Bond Franchise

It’s Time to Get a Fan Petition for Christopher Nolan to Helm Bond Franchise

It’s Time to Get a Fan Petition for Christopher Nolan to Helm Bond Franchise

There are reasons to say yes and to say no when thinking about trying to get Christopher Nolan to move over to the Bond franchise. He’s a great director and has a definite vision for what he wants to do, there’s no doubt there, but he’s also the type that goes beyond and comes up with ideas that tend to become true mind-benders that are interesting, but at the same time don’t feel as though they would work with every franchise. Some folks might think that Bond might become more like another Inception or Tenet movie if this happened and it’s not wrong to think so really since Nolan is known for his radical and completely ‘out there’ ideas, which have made him very popular with a lot of fans. But there’s still that idea that this kind of thing wouldn’t work so well with Bond, or maybe it would and might end up revolutionizing the entire franchise as Bond’s adventures could encompass the real world and the world inside his mind as well.

Wouldn’t that be something to see, a world in which Bond was the first and last word in what happened, yikes. But it’s also possible that Nolan would be able to tamp down that side of his filmmaking persona just enough to focus on the story of Bond if he was really interested in doing so. As far as a fan petition goes it’s enough to make some folks groan and roll their eyes since petitions aren’t the worst thing in the world unless they’re calling for the removal of someone from a movie or TV show, but they’re not exactly a guaranteed lock when it comes to getting anything done since plenty of studios aren’t bound to pay attention to a petition unless they happen to agree that the move is a good one for the business.

Would Christopher Nolan make a good director for the Bond franchise? It’s possible since he does have a certain sense of style and flash that might make it possible for him to take on the legend of 007 and run with it in a different direction than people are expecting. Obviously, he’d be working with someone other than Daniel Craig, who’s stepping away from the franchise after No Time to Die, but Nolan has shown that he can work with a wide array of people and that those that end up working with him at least find a way to get the job done and the movie filmed. On top of all this, it does feel fair to say that if he did bring a bit of his talent for throwing things out of whack to the Bond franchise it might actually be kind of intriguing given that it’s something that hasn’t been seen in a Bond movie before.

Just think of the kind of things that Nolan has done and how they might translate to a Bond movie, it’s actually kind of interesting to have such a thought since it’s easy to picture in the mind’s eye. It might not make a lot of Bond fans happy initially since there’s been nothing like what Nolan can dish out in a Bond movie in the past, but it does feel as though things might need to change just a bit, not enough to upset the order of things, but just enough to make it clear that Nolan’s style would be different and possibly a little more interesting for the modern era. There’s no need to make Bond into another superhero like Batman or force the character into situations such as those seen in Tenet or Inception, but the feel of those movies could do wonders for Bond since it might deliver a punch that the franchise could use.

When one thinks about how long Bond has been around and how much change has gone into the story, but how much really hasn’t changed, it’s kind of mind-boggling. A lot of folks might state that nothing needs to change since Bond is Bond and there’s no improving upon perfection and yada, yada, blah. But bringing Nolan into the mix would change things quite a bit it feels like, especially if he was allowed to have his way as he has with other movies. The difference here though would be that with other movies he hasn’t been stuck into a franchise that’s already been well-established, apart from Batman. Even with that character, he had a lot of freedom to do what he wanted. Putting him in charge of a Bond movie might be a little different though since despite the similar popularity, Bond’s fans are expecting something a bit different and it’s likely that despite what Nolan could bring to the table they might not be as receptive. But it’s always worth a thought at least.

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