Five Important Life Lessons MasterChef Teaches Us

Five Important Life Lessons MasterChef Teaches Us

Five Important Life Lessons MasterChef Teaches Us

MasterChef is a television show that is there when you’re not in the mood for horror or thrills or even humorous skits that take you away from the reality of your day. It’s very much a reality show that features real people who are working at perfecting their skills in the culinary world. People of all shapes, sizes and from all walks of life who share one common passion, and that is cooking. The variety keeps it interesting and I often find a chef who becomes my favorite. I root for them until they are whisked away (no pun intended), in the elimination rounds. The show has taught me some valuable life lessons and perhaps this is why I like it so much. I’d like to share with you the five most important lessons that MasterChef teaches us.

1. We have a lot to learn from each other

The stories that the contestants share are interesting. The show is designed to help us get to know each of them a little better. They tell about why they love to cook and what inspired them to embark on their careers. Many share about good times with family, learning new recipes from their elders and their stories are something that we can relate to. When they discuss the reasons why they are competing for the top prize, quite a few have serious life goals that they want to fulfil with the money. Some include furthering their businesses and others may want to take a trip to visit family they’ve not seen in some time. The show holds our interest because of the variety of contestants and the insights that they share. We learn that everyone has a story worth listening to.

2. Bosses come in every flavor

The Chefs who are running the show each have their own style of management. Chef Joe seems to take pleasure in putting people on edge. This is useful for preventing anyone from getting cocky and slacking off, but it can be taken another way and cause a bit of undue stress. Chef Gordon has a flash temper, but in the same regard, he is kind-hearted. He’s quick to share a frustration with contestants, but he also is just as rapid in doling out deserved praise. Chef Graham maintains a professional demeanor. We see his kindness, but he doesn’t go overboard with it. He’s also firm and speaks his mind when there is constructive criticism needed. It’s important to try to see all sides of the person who is over you because if they seem unusually harsh, there is probably a good reason for it. We can learn from them if we understand where they’re coming from.

3. Team-work is as important as independence

We see how important team work is on this show. The contestants must work together and strategize at times, or they are likely to be sent home. They are more likely to be successful if they get along with one another than by pulling a lone wolf act and being obnoxious. It’s fine to share your opinion if it is different than the boss, but in the end, it’s important to function as a smooth and tight knit group when the chips are down. The leader may just have a good plan that will work if everyone cooperates.

4. Focus among chaos is a skill

In each episode we see pandemonium break out. Seemingly impossible tasks are set forth to offer the most intense challenges possible for contestants. It is up to them to make it work no matter what. Things go wrong and everyone may be scrambling, but you must still get the job done to the best of your ability. This requires focus even when there are multiple distractions afoot. We see how some of them manage to concentrate on the tasks at had to make it through the round successfully.

5. Flexibility and improvisation are important

We also learn how vital it is to be able to think outside of the box. When the Mystery box is brought out, chefs have no idea what the contents will be. It is entirely possible that they will be required to use ingredients that they have no experience with. It is up to them to reason the problem through, use their best judgment and create a masterpiece that is better than what the others will produce. Life is very much like that for all of us at times. We are more successful when we can think on our feet and make adjustments as we go because life in general can be unpredictable.

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