Five Hated Movie Characters That Didn’t Deserve the Hate

Five Hated Movie Characters That Didn’t Deserve the Hate

Five Hated Movie Characters That Didn’t Deserve the Hate

There are a lot of characters in the movies that people just can’t stand for their own reasons, and some are universally hated it would appear since they’ve done nothing but divide fans with their supposed twisted ways and demeanor. But there are those characters that aren’t really deserving of that hate as those at Insider would agree with, even a few that are essentially bad guys but later on are found out to be products of their upbringing and not necessarily responsible for every bad choice that’s been made in their lives. This doesn’t excuse what they’ve done obviously, or the choices they made, but it does go a long way towards explaining just why they don’t deserve every ounce of hate that’s thrown their way. On top of that there are plenty of characters that are supposed to be good guys but still receive a good amount of hate from various fans for different reasons, sometimes reasons that have nothing to do with the character but instead with the actor that’s taken on the role. In a lot of ways though the people and their characters don’t really deserve this since it is fiction after all apart from that, there are reasons why these characters are scripted this way.

Here are just a few of the more hated characters that don’t really deserve such regard.

5. Draco Malfoy – Harry Potter

As I said, some people are a product of their upbringing, and it might have taken a while and a lot of nastiness coming from Malfoy along the way, but it was easy to see as he got older that Draco never had much of a chance when it came to being an arrogant little snot since his father had a pretty hold over him. If he wasn’t trying to please his father then he was likely lashing out at anyone and everyone that got in his way since he did have a single conviction of his own. If you doubt that then watch how fast he folds any time someone challenges him in a way he can’t come back from, that’s a kid that has little to no real confidence in himself.

4. Carol Danvers – Captain Marvel

The rumor that’s been pushed by Screenrant and many others is that Captain Marvel is hated largely because she’s a powerful and decisive superhero in the MCU, and sadly, for some people, that’s very true. But if there’s any real hatred coming towards the hero it has more to do with the strong feminist lean to the movie and the divisive remarks made by Brie Larson during the promotion period leading up to the movie. It’s also the fact that the movie took a character as great as Nick Fury and made him look like an uncertain goofball so that the women could stand out a little more. The strength of character that Captain Marvel possessed would have been more than enough, the movie didn’t need to push that she was more awesome than she’s ever been in the comics.

3. Johnny Lawrence – The Karate Kid

This is another character that was hard to see as anything but bad in the movie since he was a jerk for the most part and a bully, and despite anyone trying to set up Daniel as the real bad guy it’s easy to note that Johnny took things way too far more often than not. But thanks to Cobra Kai and the beginning of The Karate Kid II, and even the ending of the first movie, it can be seen that there’s a still a good deal of redemption for Johnny since he was raised in an uncaring home and by a sensei whose idea of discipline is to show no mercy and destroy anyone that stands in your way.

2. Jenny – Forrest Gump

She was uniquely easy to hate at one point, even if a lot of people somehow forgot about her less than ideal childhood. Having a rough childhood might sound like a poor excuse for a lot of the things that Jenny did, such as run away from home, leave Forrest high and dry more than once, and leave the poor guy when he thought they had something. But Jenny’s head was an obvious mess for a long time and it took becoming a mother to really put things back together and give her the kind of priority she needed in her life. Sadly by that time it was almost too late to reconnect with her one true love, but at least they had some time together.

1. Jar Jar Binks – Star Wars

How he became one of the absolutely most hated characters in all of pop culture is kind of ridiculous really since the idea that Jar Jar is a racist character has always been kind of puzzling. From his speech to his look to the idea that he’s not all right in the head people have been coming down on Ahmed Best like a ton of bricks ever since he came up with the character. But the funny thing is that Jar Jar turned out to be one of the more needed characters in the story since by some ridiculous stroke of luck he did a lot more good than bad when it really came to his inclusion.

Hating fictional characters is kind of pointless really, and not always a useful habit.

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