Five of the Most Epic Road Trips Taken in Movies

Five of the Most Epic Road Trips Taken in Movies

Five of the Most Epic Road Trips Taken in Movies

Want to spend a bunch of time with friends or family in the same vicinity as you rocket across the US? Want to see how long it takes before you’re at each others throats for the slightest thing? Then you need to head out on the glorious, nerve-rending experience that is the road trip. A lot of people try to do this when they’re younger as it can bring a sense of adventure as you hurtle into the vast unknown where the road only knows where it will take you. Of course that was back before GPS and apps that could basically pinpoint where you are. But in the movies, the road trip is still the true testing ground of one’s mettle and how long it will take until even familial ties begin to wear thin. Just act the actors in these movies.

Here are some of the greatest road trip moments from movie history.

5. National Lampoon’s Vacation

Despite being a classic this selection is ranked down at five just because out of all of the choices it is the most relatively decent of the bunch. Yes, relatively speaking.  The Griswolds are far from perfect but compared to the other films they’d downright wholesome since Clark is definitely trying, and failing, to be the perfect family man at every turn, okay not EVERY turn.

4. Tommy Boy

When you have to take a road trip to save your family’s company with the guy who can’t stand you the most then you know things have gone from bad to ‘oh my dear lord how did this happen?’. Tommy is like a walking disaster zone just waiting to happen at any moment and Richard is about as personable as a porcupine that just sat on his own quills.

3. We’re the Miller’s

So here’s one. A stripper, a drug dealer, a mindless dweeb and a homeless girl all went to Mexico….and somehow got put into witness protection not long after. Seriously that’s about the gist of the movie. Despite being fairly simple this film is uproariously funny since it places four very different personalities in a confined space for a long haul that could easily drive even the Brady Bunch crazy.

2. Thelma & Louise

You almost get the feeling that these two women are just floating on a breeze waiting to decide which direction is the best one to get moving in. There’s enough of a plot and a premise to make it good movie, a classic even, but the idea of just lighting out on a personal mission to go SOMEWHERE, even if you have a place in mind, is still a little daunting for many people.

1. Road Trip

You know what’s ironic about this movie? The guy accidentally mails a sex tape to his girlfriend but the unfortunate part is that it’s with him and another girl. He and his buddies travel all the way from their college campus to hers, of course causing mayhem and hilarity along the way, only to find out that she was thinking about breaking up with him anyway. This is like a giant warning ad against long-distance relationships.

All I can say is viva la road trip.



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