Five Disney Character Origins Movies We Want to See

Five Disney Character Origins Movies We Want to See

It’s pretty normal to wonder about the origins of various characters in the movies if we don’t get the whole story, and one thing about Disney is that they might expand on a few characters here and there in the movie and even outside of it in books and such. But there are a lot of characters out there that we’d actually like to see origin stories for, if only because it might explain just how they came to be who they were. Even villains could be a good source for an origin story since a lot of characters aren’t born bad, they’re simply given that role due to the idea of needing a villain that people can rally against and see as the main antagonist. In this manner, it gives the villain a little less depth and more of a truly evil role since there’s nothing else that people really know about them. Obviously, Maleficent was one of those who were deemed worthy enough to have an origin story. Even the evil queen in Snow White was given an origin story in Once Upon A Time, but there are several characters that might actually be kind of fun to learn more about.

Here are a few Disney characters we’d like to see an origin story about.

5. Cheshire – Alice in Wonderland

The Cheshire is the personal favorite of a lot of people, but there’s so little known about him that it’s hard to say what he is, where he comes from, and what his true motivations are. There have been plenty of allusions to what he’s all about and who he serves, but nothing has been concrete at this time. All that’s really known is that he’s likely one of the craziest characters in Wonderland and it’s bound to happen that an origin story might not happen since it’s kind of like Yoda from Star Wars, as soon as there’s an origin story about this character the mystery might die off in some crucial way.

4. Mushu – Mulan

Who and what he is has already been established, but it would be nice to see just what happened that allowed Mushu to fall from grace. It’s not bound to happen since the live-action Mulan kind of eradicated the whole idea of Mushu in favor of other exploits that didn’t make the movie any better. But learning what happened, even though it’s explained a bit in the animated movie, would be kind of fun since it would be interesting to see how Mushu came into the service of Mulan’s ancestors. He’s been around for a while obviously and he’s seen and done plenty of things, so it would be kind of fun to see what he’s all about.

3. Scar – The Lion King

It does sound as though there might be a prequel to The Lion King coming that might explain why Scar is the way he is and how he got his name and the mark on his face. It’s likely already been explained, but it would still be great to see if Mufasa has always been the shining example or if he overshadowed his brother without really knowing it. In truth, it doesn’t feel likely that Mufasa really meant for Scar to be one of the lesser lions, but perhaps grew tired of his brother’s sob stories and simply wanted him to be part of the pride, not apart from it. This would be a great story to tell all the same.

2. Clayton – Tarzan

It probably sounds like an odd pick since Clayton was shown to be a jerk through and through, but one has to wonder what makes a man like Clayton, since despite being kind of a brute he was still an educated and intelligent human being. Plus, he was a clever hunter even if he was well out of his element in the jungle. It would be a little bit intriguing to see what he might have been like before he made his way into Tarzan’s world, especially since it might show where he went bad at some point unless he was born that way and had no redeeming qualities from the start. That could be likely, but it would still be interesting to find out.

1. Ursula – The Little Mermaid

Let’s look at it this way, the merfolk actually went to Ursula as a way to solve their problems, and of course, she took advantage of this over the years. But thinking that there might have been an inciting event that turned her into the wicked sea witch that she became isn’t too far of a stretch. Plus, we didn’t really see any other individuals like her, so it’s entirely possible that she was cursed and had no other choice but to live apart. Finding out what her origin story was would be interesting without a doubt.

Every character has to come from somewhere after all.

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